The Ascent’s $5 Million Sales Are Without Xbox Game Pass

The Ascent was just released as an indie cyberpunk-themed role-playing game but which is now on par with triple-a games after accounting record-setting sales.

According to an announcement earlier today, publisher Curve Digital achieved its largest ever opening weekend in sales revenue after The Ascent generated more than $5 million across Xbox and PC while leading the Steam Global Charts.

“This success is the result of a genuine team effort throughout the company, the arrival of new leadership and talent and is truly reflective of our new approach of being developer and player focused,” said Curve Digital CEO John Clark.

Surpassing $5 million in revenue on an opening weekend should be a milestone in itself but it gets even better for Curve Digital. The figure reportedly does not include revenue obtained through Xbox Game Pass. Curve Digital will probably not be divulging its dealings with Microsoft for a day-one Xbox Game Pass release, but the fact is that The Ascent, as beautiful as it looks, has made a killing which far exceeds $5 million in revenue sales.

Curve Digital remains to share a breakdown of how many copies were sold on each platform, but at least 100,000 copies are strongly speculated to have sold on Steam alone.

The Ascent retails at just $30 and requires roughly 15 to 20 hours of gameplay time for the main campaign missions. Including side missions, exploration, uncovering lore, and other feats may as well double the number of gameplay hours for completionists.

Elsewhere, developer Neon Giant is still working on fixing the Game Pass version of The Ascent which lacks features like Deep Learning Super Sampling and ray tracing. The same features are however there for the Steam version. There are also other areas of concern such as the Game Pass version taking twice as long to load levels.

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