Temtem Saku Locations, Evolutions and Stats Guide

This guide contains all the information you need to know about Saku in Temtem including its locations where you can capture it with ease

There are many Temtems that you find through out your adventure on the lovely Airborne Archipelago islands. In this guide, we will give you all the information about Temtem Saku locations, evolutions and stats.

Temtem Saku Locations, Evolutions and Stats

Saku Base Stats
Saku is a nature and wind type Temtem. Saku has the following base stats.

  • HP: 82
  • Attack: 40
  • Defence: 62
  • Stamina: 60
  • Speed: 40
  • Attack: 66
  • Defence: 70
  • Total: 420

Saku can be found in the following places around the Archipelago Islands.

  • The Gifted Bridges area on Deniz Island.
  • The Canopath area on Omninesia Island.
  • The Glassyway area on Omninesia Island.

Saku has the following techniques which it can get through leveling up :

Technique Name Level Required Technique Type Damage
Shy Shield 1 Neutral
Toxic Spores 3 Toxic
Nimble 6 Wind
Urushiol 8 Toxic 41
Sharp Leaf 11 Nature 50
Wind Burst 14 Wind 90
Narcoleptic Hit 18 Mental 140
Boomerang 25 Wind 85
Allergic Spread 30 Nature 58
Tornado 36 Wind 145

In addition, these moves can be learned through Technique Courses (TC).

Technique Name: TC# Technique Type: Damage:
Shy Shield 4 Neutral 1
Toxic Spores 7 Toxic 100
Nimble 16 Neutral 130
Urushiol 17 Neutral

Also, Saku can learn these moves through breeding.

Technique Name Technique Type Damage
Bark Shield Nature
Lifeful Sap Nature

Saku Evolution
Saku is the final form of a two-stage evolutionary line. It evolves from Kaku after leveling up 13 times. Kaku is commonly found around Prasine Coast, Thalassian Cliffs and The Gifted Bridges.

Saku has two traits that define its personality. They are described below:

Air Specialist: This trait allows to deal +15% damage with Wind techniques.

Botanist: This trait allows to deal +15% damage with Nature techniques.

Saku Type defense
Type defense describes how much damage a Temtem takes from each type. Saku’s type defense is:

  • Neutral : 1x damage
  • Fire : 2x damage
  • Water : 0.5x damage
  • Nature : 0.5x damage
  • Electric : 1x damage
  • Earth : 0.25x damage
  • Mental : 1x damage
  • Wind : 0.5x damage
  • Digital : 1x damage
  • Melee : 1x damage
  • Crystal : 1x damage
  • Toxic : 2x damage

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