How To Beat Yareni In Temtem Quetzal Dojo

Quetzal Dojo is the fourth Dojo players will go through while playing TemTem. This Dojo is made accessible once you...

Quetzal Dojo is the fourth Dojo players will go through while playing TemTem. This Dojo is made accessible once you have entered the game’s third island, Tucma. Quetzal Dojo is home to Crystal and Toxic type Temtem and is a place that stores the memories and spirit of Tucma. Not necessarily a safe place but tamers fancy it more than anyone.

If you have ever tried going through any Dojo, you might be aware that most of them are confusing and quite puzzling. This is because they have their own set of layers and requirements that players are to fulfill accordingly to encounter the leader eventually.

But worry no more; below, we’ve described exactly what you need to do to solve the puzzle to reach the Quetzal Dojo leader and defeat Yareni.

How to solve crystal maze to reach Quetzal Dojo

Like you would with any maze, we recommend you are ready to encounter the tamers that you will be encountering along the way. Unfortunately, there’s really no strategy that helps you avoid danger while solving these puzzles, so it’s better to prepare beforehand.

Now that you’re aware, let’s enter the puzzle. First, go right into the Dojo and go down the path towards the north. Here you’ll witness two bumpers changing their angles every other second. When the bumper faces toward you, step towards it, and it will bounce you to the north.

Now go down to the stairs located towards the west. From here, look towards the south, and you’ll notice three lanes.

Go on the middle lane and head south from this point. You’ll find a tamer here that you will need to fight, so do that to clear the coast. Continuing the middle lane, head right.

Again meeting a bumper here, use it to bounce to north and land on the next island. Here you’ll meet a ripped shirtless tamer that you will have to fight. As you get done with it, go to the island on the west and then face north.

Use the angled bumper and wait for it to turn towards you. Wait for a beat and then use it to bounce left, right, and upwards to the north. You’ll face three tamers here that you need to take down. Now head north.

Make your way to the right from here and use the bumper to head north. At his point, you’ll be bouncing on various bumpers until you land on a narrow path. Then, head north from here again and wait as the bumper lowers and go north.

You’ll have a second series of constant bouncing from various bumpers and then end up on a staircase that will finally lead up to Yareni.

Yareni’s Temtem

Following is the Yareni TemTem Team, which initially consists of 6 creatures and their specifications.


  • Level: 33
  • Type: Crystal/Mental
  • Weakness: Fire, Earth, Digital, Crystal


  • Level: 36
  • Type: Toxic/Wind
  • Weakness: Electric


  • Level: 39
  • Type: Earth/Crystal
  • Weakness: Melee, Water, Nature, Earth


  • Level: 34
    Type: Electric/Wind
    Weakness: Crystal


  • Level: 35
  • Type: Toxic
  • Weakness: Wind


  • Level: 35
  • Type: Water/Crystal
  • Weakness: Nature, Melee

Best Temtem to beat Yareni

Here are our recommendations for the TemTem faceoff in Quetzal Dojo.

Smazee: Our first recommendation would be Smazee which eventually evolves into Baboong. This is a great TemTem and belongs to the Melee type. It has strong SPD and ATK and performs best against Shuine.

Houchic: This TemTem is great against Myx. It is a Mental type creature with decent attack and defense. In addition, it can play really well against its opponents with its incredible SPATK.

Skunch: Skunch becomes a great choice against all the weak creatures against Melee and Neutral Type. It is overall a high-performing creature, which gives a tough time even when it’s on the opposing side.

Wiplump: Wiplump is great against Earth-type attacks and uses Water and Wind-type attacks to deal with its enemies. You can use it against Myx, Noxolotl, and Mudrid.

Gyalis: The final TemTem we would recommend will be Gyalis which is pretty solid against Gazuma. It is one of the strongest crystal-type creatures and has great SPD and ATK. Morever its Kick, Glass Blade, and Drill impact techniques are remarkable.

How to defeat Yareni in Temtem Quetzal Dojo

In order to successfully defeat Yareni, players need to keep in mind her team’s weaknesses and at what attruibutes they lack. Just by the general looks of it, Yareni’s team suffers from a lack of effective melee, wind, and water attacks.

Therefore, when the battle starts, ensure you’re using a pair of TemTem, who can deal with a lot of poisoning while also inflicting high amounts of damage. A strong will help you take the direction of the fight and deplete the opponent’s health.

Unlike most Dojo fights, Yareni’s team is actually quite strong, and she has some dangerous contendors. However, with the right pair, every time sent to tackle her creature should let you easily win the fight.

Try attacking her team’s creatures like Noxolotl and putting it to sleep, as this can immensely help you during battles.

Noxolotl ten to make a comeback stronger once it’s up from slumber, but if you manage to keep it under sleep, you will be all good and provide lots of damage with only one TemTem standing from the opposition.

Try using your Melee attackers for bigger enemies like Shuine and Gazuma, as they both can be an alerting threat and can wipe out your creatures in one go. And as for the rest, you can use TemTems with contrasting elements and take them out.

Winning fights in Dojos is about calculating what works stronger against a TemTem and then strategically using that information.

With a lot of back and forth, you’ll eventually be able to defeat Yareni and move forward in the story.

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