Techland Defends Dying Light 2 After Conflict Claims

Techland claims that Dying Light 2 is still on track and there are no internal conflicts in contrast to recent reports wanting the studio to be in a war.

Yesterday, Techland found its way into a messy situation as a polish medium published an article about internal conflict. In it, one might find statements like “employees call it a total mess” and “leadership make people work to 9-10 pm at night”. Harsh? Yes, indeed. True? Techland begs to differ.

The whole situation started when posted an article citing Techland insider quotes about conflict within the office walls. Those statements wanted the studio to be in conflict, working long hours and claiming that Dying Light 2 “is a mess”, according to a user @LotteMakesStuff on Twitter after a rough translation. As a result, Techland did a major comeback, with Senior PR Manager Ola Sondej posting on Twitter to clear the air. Her tweets read:

In case you guys wondered, Techland was not acquired by another publisher. We’re still an independent studio, and will deliver Dying Light 2 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

On that note, the translation of the Techland article floating around is totally inaccurate.

While I have your attention, development of Dying Light 2 is moving forward, the game’s in good shape (and in good hands), so worry not. It IS coming.

The big question stands. does Techland really have such big problems internally? Reports want the studio to have management issues and responsibilities fall on the shoulders of certain people. Others want people to be working overtime while the game development swung between different values. Allegedly, more than 50 people have left Techland, although nothing is official yet.

Whatever the situation might be, Dying Light 2 is still on its way to consoles and PC. If what Sondej says is true then the game will launch in less than 6 months, after a delay pushing it further in the year. This is due to the fact that it will release on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. More or less all games to release after January will be on Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.

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