Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Weapon Modifiers Explained

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Weapon Modifiers increase the attack power of the weapons. That means if two weapons are of the exact ...

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Weapon Modifiers provide passive buffs to your weapons. That means if two weapons are of the exact nature and one is equipped with an attack modifier, the one with an attack modifier will be better to use due to its buffs. The modifiers also increase the Durability of weapons and shields. Durability is the limit of any weapon or shield, determining when the weapon or shield will break.

The list of these Weapon Modifiers goes on, and in this guide, we have explained all of them, how to attach them to your weapon, and the difference between modifiers of BOTW and TotK.

All weapon modifiers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

  • Attack Up: Increases the power of attacks.
  • Guard Up: Increases the defense of shields.
  • Durability Up: Increases the time of any weapon or shield before it breaks down.
  • 5-shot arrow: allows you to fire five arrows at a time with your bow.
  • Quick arrow: Increases the speed of the arrow reloading with your bow.
  • Charge Up: This lets you attack an enemy with a charge attack.

Other than the types of Weapon Modifiers, the Modifiers are of different levels. The color of the Modifier in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom represents its level. For instance, if we take the Attack Up Modifier, White is the most basic Modifier that only increases the attack power by +2. In contrast, the Gold Modifier increases the attack power by +10.

The colors for Weapon Modifiers are classified into four categories, i.e., White, Green, Blue, and Gold.

How to get Weapon Modifiers in Zelda TotK

You can obtain these modifiers by repairing your weapon using Rock Octorocks. Repairing a no-modifier weapon will return a White Modifier. A White or Blue Modifier weapon will return a Gold Modifier in Zelda TotK.

Now, these Weapon Modifiers were nerfed, not all of them, but the three most important Modifiers were nerfed that were overpowered in Zelda BOTW, namely, Attack Up, Guard Up, and Durability Up.


In Zelda BOTW, you could level up the Attack Modifier to +44, the Guard Up to +360 (+400 for the Hailian Shield), and Durability Up to +54. However, in Zelda TotK, these Modifiers do not level up more than +10, even on Gold, making durability the best Modifier yet.

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