Ren-Iz Shrine Walkthrough In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

You have to create ramps to use as bridges to cross the gaps in the Ren-iz Shrine puzzle in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Out of all shrine locations in Zelda: TotK, 16 are located in the Central Hyrule Ridge and one of them is the Ren-iz Shrine near Crenel Hills in Tears of the Kingdom.

To unlock the Ren-iz shrine as a fast travel point, players first need to make their way to this shrine and then solve the ‘Jump the Gaps’ puzzle found inside the shrine.

Solving this puzzle is easy as you just need to use the Ultrahand ability but getting to the shrine to access this puzzle is the tricky part. But there is no need to worry, as this guide explains how to reach the exact location of the Ren-iz Shrine.  

Where to find the Ren-iz Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Unlike most of the other shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Ren-iz Shrine is hidden in plain sight thus being easily missed.

This shrine is located near the Lanayru Wetlands in the Central Hyrule Ridge on top of the Crenel Hills at the point marked on the map.

Ren-iz Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

To get to this shrine, you need to go to the top of Crenel Hills first while keeping an eye out for all the enemies found there. Then, you will see two water bodies and a massive tree near them that hides the entrance to the Ren-iz Shrine in its carved-out trunk.


The nearest tower from the Ren-iz Shrine is the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower and the exact coordinates of the shrine are x-axis 0075, y-axis 0823, and z-axis 0082.

How to solve the Ren-iz Shrine puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom

The Ren-iz Shrine presents the ‘Jump the Gaps’ puzzle in which players have to put two large balls in their goals but the problem is that their paths have gaps.

You have to bridge the gaps using slabs found in the shrine. This is an easy puzzle for those who know how to make use of the Ultrahand ability and the reward includes a Zonaite Shield.

For the Ren-iz shrine puzzle solution, follow the five steps mentioned below.   

Step 1) Place the 1st slab

In the Ren-iz shrine, you will see a glowing pillar and a metal slab right next to it. Pick this metal slab using Ultrahand and place it obliquely to bridge the gap between the two platforms in front of you. This will create a ramp for the ball to pass from.

Ren-iz Shrine slab solution in Tears of the Kingdom

Step 2) Activate the pillar

The next step is to activate the pillar next to the ramp you just built. Hit the pillar to activate it and its glow will change from yellow to green.

After the pillar is activated, the large ball will speed down the path, up the ramp, and into the goal ahead which will activate the switch that unlocks the bar cage at the end of the room.

Step 3) Acquire the chest

Now, enter the room you just unlocked. Here, you will notice two slabs, a large rectangular one and a small square one. Join these two slabs to create a longer one and then use it to bridge the gap to the right from where you entered this room.

Now that the gap is bridged, make your way through it, climb the stairs, and collect the chest that contains the Strong Zonaite Shield.

Step 4) Create a ramp

Now, grab the slab again and separate the two pieces. Join them again by placing them perpendicular to each other so as to create an L. Now place them in such a way that it creates a ramp for the ball to pass from.

Step 5) Activate the pillar

Once again, activate the pillar next to the ramp by hitting it and then enter the unlocked door. Examine the altar to end the Ren-iz Shrine puzzle and walkthrough.

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