SWTOR Sith Sorcerer Build and Spec Guide – PVP/PVE

Star Wars The Old Republic Sith Sorcerer Talent Builds and Specs for PVP and PVE.

Sorcery has been the dominating ingredient in the wrath of the dark forces and if you are to join the club, by choosing Sith Sorcerer advanced class in Star Wars The Old Republic, you will need an overview of how to fit in with your newly found role. For that, I’ll be explaining the development of the Sith Sorcerer in this guide, focusing on the Skill Tree and build.

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But first, let me explain the basics, which apply to all classes:

The Basics
The skill tree is further sub-categorized into three specialization trees. The first two categories or trees are exclusive to the character class type. For example, for the Sith Assassin, the skill trees are Darkness and Deception, exclusive only to the Sith Assassin.

However, the third specialization is shared with another class. Keeping the Sith Assassin as an example, the third specialization is Madness, which is shared with the Sith Sorcerer. This is because both Sith Assassin and Sorcerer belong to the parent class ‘Sith Inquisitor’.

In this guide the skill distribution or builds are designated as (XX,XX,XX), XX standing for the number of points.

Now for the main part:

Sith Sorcerer

The Sith Sorcerer has the following specializations/trees:

  • Corruption
  • Lightning
  • Madness (shared)

Corruption Sorcerers

Priority List:

Single Target:

  • Affliction
    Lightning Strike
    Crushing Darkness
    Thundering Blast
    Chain Lightning
    Force Lightning
    Lightning Strike


  • Affliction
    Thundering Blast
    Chain Lightning
    Force Storm


  • Affliction
    Force Lightning
    Lightning Strike
    Force Lightning
    Lightning Strike

The Corruption Sith Sorcerers are preventative healers with great resistance to debuffs, added speed, brilliant healing, and a good amount of damage.

Recommended PvE Builds: (32,7,2), (30,9,2)

The standard (32,7,2) build will obviously assist you as a healer, with so many points in Corruption. Lucidity can be very useful if multiple points are added to it, making it a great defensive ability, making your Sorcerer more rigid.

The (30,9,2) build is a very offensive one for an otherwise healer type of class. Lightning Strike will greatly benefit from this. Some people may question putting in points to make such an offensive build for a relatively defensive character, but Lightning Strike is generally a better choice than auto-attacking, particularly at higher-levels, when you have more Force than you really need.

Recommended PvP Builds: (32,7,2)

The standard (32,7,2) build is best suited for PvP games, because with this build, you have speed, tons of heal, and relatively low CC susceptibility. Affliction will be your primary damage source, as it does a decent damage for a relatively low-cost. You will generally move faster than other players, particularly when afflicting with debuffs like 20% reduced speed.

Lightning Sorcerer

The Lightning Sorcerer is a spike-damage striker, one with a good bit of area damage and great control in battles.

Recommended PvE/PvP Build: (3,31,7)

This build is the only build that really makes the Lightning Sorcerer do what it can do best, be it a PvE game or a PvP one. Critical hits will be the things to determine your prowess in battle, as they grant Lightning Effusion, which greatly reduces the cooldown of Force Speed.

When you have Lightning Effusion, prioritize Force Storm, Chain Lightning and Thundering Blast instead of Lightning Strike, Force Lightning or Affliction.

However, don’t try to use this cycle when Lightning Effusion isn’t available to you, as you’ll instantly run out of Force. Instead, under normal circumstances, try using Affliction, and then regularly alternating between Force Lightning and Lightning Strike. This way you will almost never run out of Force.

Madness Sorcerer

The Madness variant of the Sith Sorcerer is an extremely efficient self-healing damage output machine, if in the right hands.

Recommended PvE Builds: (3,7,31), (0,13,28)

The (3,7,31) build is great for quick leveling, best at low to mid-levels, but becomes a little too ordinary at higher levels. It’s best to than opt for the (0,13,28) configuration, which is a hybrid type of a build, exploiting both the brilliance of Lightning and of Madness.

However, this build hasn’t been tested too much, and if you don’t feel like experimenting, the good old (3,7,31) will do just fine.

Recommended PvP Build: (3,7,31)

You need multiple debuffs on your target to give you dispel protection against enemy healers, and Creeping Terror’s stun adds just that bit of control. Thus the old-school (3,7,31) should do just fine.

Don’t forget to share your specs and builds for Jedi Consular in the comments with a bit of explaining on rotation and PVE/PVP.

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