SWTOR Jedi Sage Build and Spec Guide

Master the art of Jedi Sages and become a force to be reckoned with thanks to our SWTOR Jedi Sage Builds guide for the latest patch

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a fairly massive game, and a new wanderer in its expansive MMO universe can easily become overwhelmed with the stupendously large amount of options available, particularly when it comes to character development. This guide will be your key to SWTOR Jedi Sage Builds

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SWTOR Jedi Sage Builds and Specs

To make a truly effective Jedi Sage, whether it is a Telekinetic or Balanced Sage, you should invest your points in the following Utilities:


Psychic Suffusion Effect: You and up to 7 of your allies can be healed for 3900 approx. Note: This is not a good choice. Even if you are a healer, don’t use this.
Jedi Resistance Effect: The damage reduction is increased by 3%.   Recommendation: This should be used frequently in every fight.
Tectonic Mastery Effect: The damage dealt by Forcequake is increased by 25%. Recommendation: You can take this sometimes especially if you plan to use Forcequake.
Pain Bearer Effect: All healing received is increased by 5%. The redistributed life is not affect. Recommendation: This is very useful so you should always take this.
Pain Bearer Effect: After Force Lift ends the target’s accuracy reduces by 20%. Recommendation: Other classes have better options, which is why this is not recommended.
Benevolent Haste Effect: Target’s movement speed is increased by 50% for 6 seconds. You can only use this once every 12 seconds. Recommendation: It is recommended that you don’t use this.
Mind Ward Effect: Damage taken from all periodic effects is reduced by 15%. Recommendation: Sometimes take this. If there is significant DoT damage, this is usually a good option.
Staggering Stratagem Effect: Cooldown of Force Stun is lowered by 10 seconds. Also the damage dealt by the stunned opponents is decreased by 25% when you use Force Stun. Recommendation: Use this where needed.


Blockout Effect: Damage reduction is increased by 25% for duration of 6 seconds and this can be done by activating Cloud Mind. Recommendation: It is recommended that you always take this.
Valiance Effect: Your rescue’s target takes 25% less damage for 6 seconds and the healing done by force mend is increased by 30%. Recommendation: In case you are not using Telekinetic Defense then you should take this. Heal increase because of force mend is the big benefit.
Confound Effect: Causes speed reduction of 30% on the targets affected by your Weaken Mind. Recommendation: It is not very useful as you have other better options to do what this does.
Telekinetic Defense Effect: Your attackers will be blasted with 11000 energy damaged when the Force armor you have reverberates with Force energy. The force armor on your allies will not be affected and you can use this only once a second. Recommendation: This is highly recommended as it is defensive as well as offensive.
Metaphysical Alacrity Effect: The cooldown of Force Speed is reduced by 5 seconds, of Force is slowed down by 3 seconds and Force Barrier by 30 seconds. Along with that Force Speed’s duration is increased by 0.5 seconds and you movement speed is increased by 100% and force speed’s active cooldown is finished when Force Barrier ends. Recommendation: This has several benefits you should always take this.
Kinetic Collapse Effect: You can erupt the Force Armors you place on yourself in a flash of light when they end and it will blind 8 enemies nearby for 3 seconds. Recommendation: This is seldom useful and you can take this when you can see it would be needed.
Containment Effect: The target is stunned for duration of in case your Force Lift breaks early from damage and Force Lift is also activated instantly. Recommendation: This is seldom useful and you can take this when you can see it would be needed like the turrets on Nahut and Berserkers on Geonosian Queen.
Force Wake Effect: You can immobilize your targets for 5 seconds and the effect is ended 2 seconds after you deal direct damage. Recommendation: Use for specific fights like Styrak in NiM.

Heroic Utilities

Egress Effect: With this ability all the movement-impairing effects are removed and you will get immunity for the same duration. Recommendation: Use this for certain fights only like Cartel Warlords in NiM to cleanse Horic’s grenade.
Mental Defense Effect: When you are stunned the damage taken is reduced by 30%. The area effects’ damage taken is also reduced by 30%. Recommendation: This is always useful and you can benefit from this in every fight.
Mental Defense Effect: You can activate Turbulence, Healing Trance, and Force Serenity Recommendation: This is very useful and can be used for every fight as you can do most damage using turbulence.
Swift Rejuvenation Effect: You get Swift Rejuvenation from Restoration and due to this the next ability that has activation time will activate instantly. You cannot use this effect twice in 30 seconds and it will last for 15 seconds when used. Recommendation: It is not recommended that you take this ever as there is much better options for that.
Life Ward Effect: While in use your Force Armor, Force Barrier, and Enduring Bastion will keep increasing 1% of your total health per second. The total healed amount can scale to 4% and Enduring Bastion are the charges. Recommendation: Not recommended as the healing quantity is very little and there are better options.
Valorous Spirit Effect: Your damage reduction is increased by 15% for duration of 6 seconds and the cooldown of Force Mend is decreased by 5 seconds. Recommendation: You should take this every time except that one time when you opt for Ethereal Entity instead.
Ethereal Entity Effect: You will get Ethereal Entity when you use Phase Walk for returning to the marked location and this protects you from being lept to or pulled and you become immune to pushback for duration of two seconds. Phase Walk’s cooldown is also reduced by 15 seconds and there is 30% increase in all defenses for the duration of Ethereal Entity. Recommendation: You should take this when needed as it is better than Valorous Spirit, but it has its drawbacks as it is only more effective against ticking damage. You should only use this if you don’t have use for Telekinetic Defense.
Impeding Slash Effect: Your target will take 8400 damage and won’t be able to move for 3 seconds. After the immobilization the target would only be able to move at 50% of the speed for 6 seconds. Recommendation: Don’t use this, this feature is only there so that you could have a Lightsaber.

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