Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Crashes and Errors Guide

Fix errors, crashes, freezes and other performance issues on Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. Download Keyboard Controls HotFix.

Super Street Fighter IV arcade edition was released on PC recently and though it is to all fairness great PC game but there are few bugs here and there, which the developer needs to fix with a patch. In the meanwhile, refer to our Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Crashes and Errors guide.

One thing noticeable and annoying bug is the inability to customize keyboard controls if you have any other high-end device or controller attached to the PC. We have a hotfix to resolve that issue and developer has re-assured the patch in the coming weeks.

You can go through the list to find several other relative issues which may be in your way to enjoy this game.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Crashes and Errors

Before navigating through various workarounds, make sure you have these pre-reqs. installed and updated.

Make sure you have the latest DirectX redistributable installed. Game won’t work properly if you haven’t. Install the latest GFWL redistributable. Again it is mandatory you have GFWL installed and updated for the game to work properly. Have your video card drivers up-to-date. Check Nvidia or ATI for the latest drivers.

Note. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition requires Windows XP SP3 minimum so make sure you are trying to run the game on the correct version of the Operating System.

1# Crash Upon Entering Character Select Screen
You may get this error when you try to enter the character select screen of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. If you have an high-end PC, turn down all the graphics except left the stage quality to High, VSync set to ON.

Everything else low or off and texture filtering set to Default. That will probably fix the issue. If you have low-end PC set everything to low and try again.

Note. Make sure you have VC++, GFWL and DirectX installed and updated.

2# Street Fighter IV Arcade Freezes on Start Up
Install the latest version of DirectX.

3# Can’t Find People Online ?
In online mode select ANY in region options and you will be able to find people from all around the World.


Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition enable you to search local people to play against. But if you can’t find any local, you can set your currency in control panel to some foreign currency say Japan, if you can’t find enough local people to play against.

Go to control panel and change your local, there is an entry where you put your currency, way of displaying time and date, and keyboard layout. SSFIV Arcade determines your location from the location entry there.

4# Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Connection Problem
Can’t connect with your friend online ? can’t host ? you may want to change your NAT settings or may be forward these ports. These are the ports you should forward:

TCP & UDP 80
UDP 88
UDP & TCP 3074
UDP & TCP 53
TCP 443

5# Vertical Sync and Benchmark Problem
If you are experiencing random framerate drops, low performance and random crash when you try to run the benchmark, first download and install updated DirectX. Then set Vsync off. You can find the config here:

C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\CAPCOM\SUPERSTREETFIGHTERIV

6# How to Disable Voice Chat ?
GFWL Home Button -> Settings -> Voice -> Mute Microphone.

7# Game Crashes at Endless Battles
If you are experiencing random crashes when you try to enter Endless Battle Mode, you should try running the game on low-settings. Make sure you have updated the DirectX.

8# Can’t Sign-in to Games For Windows Live ?
Try this manual Install.

9# SSFIV Arcade Edition Start-Up Crash Fix
Make sure your “Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant” set to Automatic and it is running. This fixes the crash when the game starts up.

10# Can’t Launch The Game ?
Install the latest Games For Windows Live.

11# SSFIV Arcade Edition No Sound Fix
Adjust your audio properties, go to advanced speaker settings, performance, set hardware acceleration to either low or off.

12# SSFIV Arcade Edition Keyboard Fix
If you are experiencing difficulties in customizing the controls on your keyboard. There are a couple of ways you can fix this issue, one is that you connect an Xbox 360 controller to your PC and your keyboard will start responding to your inputs.

Also, in an attempt to support two keyboards for this game, developers somehow bugged the code and now if any non-standard device (Controller, wireless keyboard) is connected to your PC, keyboard fails to respond. Devs are working on to fix this, you should expect a patch soon. So make sure that you have the latest version of the game to avoid this issue.

13# Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Performance Fix
If you want smoother experience, turn off Vsync and turn on Fixed Framerate. Disable Smooth Mode.

If you face any other problem while playing the game on PC, let me in comments and I will try to help you out.

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