Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Character Datamined

The next Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character may have been datamined and leaked earlier than Nintendo had intended to reveal them.

The latest installment in the Smash series has emphasized on having every fighter from past titles being present in this game. That’s a lot of Smash Ultimate characters. This doesn’t mean there won’t be newer entries, however. As we’ve already seen Ridely and King K. Rool enter the fray. The following characters are supposed to be DLC content. Out of that, we know about Joker from Persona and the…Pirhanna plant from Mario. However, recent reports reveal that a Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character may have been datamined.

Jack we can safely assume is the Joker while the data miner confirmed Packu as the plant. Brave is the codeword which serves as the emphasis for this information leak.

The leak from the data mining is a character from Dragon Quest named Erdrick supposedly. Who’s supposed to be a legendary recurring hero that wields a sword of course. Since we didn’t have enough sword fighters in the game already.

Datamining for those that are unaware of its meaning (like me 5 minutes ago) is basically extracting information from the game’s code/data. This doesn’t necessarily mean manipulating the data, but just mining info out of it.

5 characters were confirmed for the DLCs out of which we know about three. These fighters being characters that haven’t been in the Smash series before. Please God don’t let it be another Pokemon or Fire Emblem character.

Slightly off-topic but not entirely, does this count as hacking the Nintendo Switch? Which is a punishable offense in Japan. Since it does probe into and extracts information out of a Switch exclusive game. Information that wasn’t supposed to be seen until it was officially revealed by the company.

The data miner is most likely in the clear though, assuming they’re not located in Japan. Also it’s interesting to ponder whether data mining JUST information out of a game’s DLC counts as the crime the amendment described.

The law passed in Japan outlawed the modification of the game itself, cheating basically. To give yourself an inherent advantage. This is more of a recon job of just finding something out from the game’s code or files. Not manipulating it or bringing it out earlier than intended.

Anyhow, we may see a Dragon Quest character join the Smash Ultimate characters in the next DLC. Even though brave is sort of a broad term to label to just one character.

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