Luigi’s Soul Torn During The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct

In the recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, seeing Luigi getting killed and seeing his soul leaving the body, got most of the fans worried.

Very recently in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct among various details revealed, was something that seems to have sparked a kind of fear into the hearts of fans. After seeing Luigi’s Soul torn apart fans have been wondering, what all of this translates into. Fortunately, the company has given assurance to the fans that the character is “okay”.

In the recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct fans saw Mario’s brother, Luigi, being killed and also saw his soul being torn apart. Which got the fans wondering that perhaps, we are going to lose the character. However, following the Direct, it seems like Nintendo could not see its fans, in fear of losing Luigi and so, Nintendo UK made a post on the official Twitter account confirming “Luigi is okay”.

The question is why show something that may spark fear into fans, for something that has a huge following? It should be an understood fact that if some kind of detail, has the tendency to incite fear into fans, which may make them unhappy at the end, then such things should not be revealed.

The fact that Nintendo had to assure the fans, is the evidence of it. They preempted that this might translate into losing fans, so putting fans at ease was the best options.

This is not the only thing that seems have sparked something into fans, in the same Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, the game menu was also shown, in which a section of the menu was blurred out, which also seems to have taken a lot of attention.

A fan was able to decipher that blurred image and according to him, it meant “Spirit” in Japanse characters. So yes everyone started to relate it to Luigi’s soul, leaving the body scene. So at the moment, bets are that it may be a new mode. Since there is no confirmation, all of this speculation could turn out to be something else altogether, so retain caution.

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