Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bayonetta Guide – Moves List, How to Play, Outfits

Our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bayonetta Guide discusses everything about her including move list, combos, changes, tips, and counters.

Bayonetta makes a return to the Smash Bros. series. She is still similar to her previous versions for the most part. However, there are certain key differences in how she works. Our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bayonetta Guide will take you through everything Bayonetta related such as her move sets, changes, final smash, and alternate costumes.

Bayonetta is making her return to the SSBU, she was an excellent character in Smash 4 and ranked very high in the tier list.

As such, she felt overwhelming to deal with, particularly because the fans felt that she was not balanced properly and was “Broken”.

However, this time around, she has been nerfed direly. Many of her best moves, such as Witch Time, Witch Twist, and Afterburner Kick have been nerfed considerably. Although her overpowering days are over, she still is a quite viable pick.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Bayonetta

The last time Bayonetta was a part of a Smash Bros. game was when she was in Super Smash Bros 4.

Like other fighters that have made a return in the new game, she has undergone a few changes that make handling her a little less instinctive for returning players.

Move List

One thing you immediately notice when you play the new Bayonetta is that she is much more mobile. Not only is she lighter, but she can also dive faster than she could before.

Apart from that, she has undergone many animation changes including her grabs, taunts, and dash.

To go along with the new animation changes, you can also see new sound effects for her moves. Lastly, you can now fill up your Climax Gauge faster than you could previously.

Neutral Attack
Just like most characters, she can use 4 hit neutral chain; however, she does come with some interesting mechanics behind her neutral game. She starts with a forward jab and follows up with a backhand, and ends with an uppercut.

These 3 moves make up her neutral chain, however for the 4th hit; you will have to double tap the 3rd attack, the uppercut.

You will know that you have done that right when she unleashes a flurry of rapid attacks and finishes with launching the opponent up and away.

It is important to note that all of her Neutral Attacks are extremely unsafe and can be punished when shielded. Here, her mix-ups come into play.

Ideally, you will have to rely on the initial three hits to make up most of her neutral game; these are of course very punishable and have poor knockback.

However, each of these can be transitioned into a gunshot forward attack where she can shoot up to 10 bullets at a time. This can be done by holding down the attack button.

Although the gunshots do a pitiful amount of damage, they are primarily used to initiate mind games.

Here, you can use a variety of tactics, such as doing neutral 1, into the gunshots to engage the enemy from a distance, and when he approaches, you can cancel the gunshots into neutral 2 to catch him in your neutral string or if your attempt failed, you can also transition into gunshot attack from neutral 2 to maintain your long distance pressure, as it can be performed even if your previous attack whiffed.

Since the gunshots are not regarded as a projectile, they cannot be absorbed or reflected.

Dash Attack
Bayonetta dashes much faster but her Dash Attack starts very slow. Her Dash Attack, where she slides her way to the opponent, does not have linear damage scaling, the further she slides the less damage she deals.

This attack can be shielded and punished, however, she may pass through the grounded opponent who is blocking, if she hits right, this will cause her to end up toward the back of her opponent.

This gives you, mental frame advantage, as the opponent would be facing you, back turned, so he will have to devise a new counter strategy and may not be able to capitalize on you.

Other than that, her offense kit has Up, Down and Side Tilt, which can be used to launch the opponent into the air, and potentially juggle them into a combo, for some guaranteed damage.

Side Tilt can be followed into the neutral chain or can be completed into a launch. Just like the Neutral Attack, the Side Tilt consists of 3 attacks, which are punishable when shielded and are sluggish.

Therefore, abusing the Side Tilt might not be a very bright idea, although it is tempting since a single launch might lead you to a juice damage combo.

The combo potential for up and Down Tilt is lower than Side Tilt. Up Tilt can be paired up with Witch Twist and aerial front tilt combo, to deliver massive damage to the enemy. Starting a juggle with Down Tilt can be tricky.

First, you have to knock out an enemy off their feet with the Down Tilt, then immediately juggle them with a full Side Tilt chain, launching them into the air, from here you can try you usual combos.

Of course, both of these tilts are unsafe, but the frame disadvantage is not quite as bad.

Finally, she has her up, down and Side Smash. First off, is her Side Smash, where she delivers a gigantic punch covered in the purple wicked weave. This attack is fairly slow but has a large hitbox that compensates for its lack of speed.

The fist extends quite far, while it can damage other players, the fist itself cannot be interacted by other players, such that it does not feel like a part of Bayonetta’s body.

Furthermore, the hitbox also extends vertically where it chips away an opponent’s life bar who is in close proximity to her.

On hit, it does a decent amount of damage and has a huge knockback, you are even able to punch an enemy off the stage. Has high-end lag and can be severely punished.

Bayonetta summons a raised fist in front of her, covered in wicked weave during her Up Smash. Just like Side Smash, it does suffer from a slow start.

It works great against opponents who jump a lot and can be converted into a mini combo when connected with either grounded or an airborne opponent.

This also shares a long end lag, which means it can be punished severely and on hit, if an opponent is launched, it will be difficult to capitalize until percentages are fairly high.

Bayonetta’s Down Smash summons a foot that stomps the opponent, like all the other smash it is also covered in Wicked Weave and cannot be interacted by other players.

This move is outrageously sluggish, taking a third of a second to hit uncharged. It has multiple hits but is active briefly and when hit correctly it can be converted into a combo. This can break floors and can even hit an opponent hanging on the ledge.

When blocked it can deplete a good chunk of the enemy shield, but it highly susceptible to punishments. Additionally, if you release the smash, then hold attack, her shoe fire gunshots into the floor, which reflects across the stage.

Aerial Attack
For her aerial arsenal, she has her Neutral Air Attack where she does a spin kick, which can be held for multiple spin kicks and gunshots. This damages the opponent of both sides, but the damage decreases gradually with each kick delivered.

Her forward Air Attack is a chain attack and can be used to conduct combos. This is primarily used for combos, as with each successful hit you gain altitude, which in turns mean a better chance for your combo to connect.

It consists of 3 attacks, each of which can be held to transition into gunshots.

Her aerial behind, down and up attacks are nothing special they are, as the name suggests a behind kick in midair, which deals decent amount of damage but is very slow compared to previous 2 options, a down kick that smashes the enemy to the ground, and deals more damage to the enemy who is further above the ground, and an up kick to engage an opponent above you and can be used in continuing juggle.

Each of these can be held for a unique gunshot option.

Special Moves
Her specials have been nerfed, or a better word is, “balanced” quite noticeably. She has the same Special Moves she had in Smash 4.

Bullet Climax
Bayonetta shoots up to 16 bullets at a time, the first four shots can be charged by holding the special button and can be canceled into a roll by either pressing back or forward.

The Bullet Climax, can now need to be fully charged before it can be shield-canceled, takes slightly longer to fully charge and can no longer be charged over longer periods of time.

Heel Slide/After Burner
This is like a Dash Attack, where Bayonetta slide kicks when on the ground and launches the enemy. The same move has different properties in midair.

When used in midair After Burner Kick is released, where she strikes an opponent midair and slightly gain altitude, if it connects, you are able to chain into multiple kicks.

After Burner Kick can also be transitioned into dive-kick by inputting special again to connect with grounded opponents.

Witch Twist
Witch Twist was one of the best moves that belong to Bayonetta in Smash 4, now it has more startup frames and endlag.

During Witch Twist, she attacks vertically upward and carries victim with her. Can be used from ground and air, both of these options are identical, but from the ground, the damage output is more significant.

Perhaps the greatest nerf to this move is that you can longer grab the ledge until the move ends, which put an end to her greatest setup.

Witch Time
Witch Time is an evasive move, where she counters the incoming attack, by taking the damage and slowing time for the enemy for a couple of seconds. Each hit she takes during Which Time makes the time enemy is slowed, longer.

Final Smash: Infernal Climax
Her Final Smash, the Infernal Climax, works the same way as the Witch Time but has a different trigger. Instead of taking hits, it slows down time immediately when activated, for all the enemies.

During the time the opponents are slowed down, Bayonetta has to fill a second gauge by giving her does a beat down. When the trigger is filled, she can unleash her real Final Smash.

The onslaughter of Gomorrah, summoning an Infernal Demon to assist her.

How to Unlock Bayonetta

One of the changes in the new game is that all characters are unlocked in similar ways.

If you want to unlock Bayonetta, you can either play the World of Light singleplayer mode, complete the Classic Mode with the character or undergo the ‘Challenger Approaches’ fights.

If you want to get the right kind of Challenger fight, you can play a match with a Challenger and complete it. Once the fight ends, you can quit and restart the game so that you can take on the next challenge.

To get the next challenge, start a match with a custom ruleset and a time limit of 1 minute. When the game ends, you will have the next challenger fight available to you. Simply repeat this process until you unlock Bayonetta.

Final Smash

The final smash that Bayonetta had in SSB 4 returns here. It is called the Infernal Climax and has you summon a demon Gomorrah. Players returning to the series will be well aware of this smash and just how powerful it is.

Alternate Costumes

Bayonetta has many alternate costumes that are all great. There are variations of her default design which change her hair, and she has a costume that is essentially modeled on Bayonetta 1 (the color scheme is Orange, Blue, and Green).

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