Super Mario Run Android Version Won’t Come Until 2017, Says Nintendo

If you’re a Mario fan and have been looking forward to a Super Mario Run Android version to let you kill some time while waiting somewhere, you’ll be out of luck for a while longer. According to Nintendo, an Android version of the game won’t be coming until 2017.

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Super Mario Run just released today on iOS devices, but instead of a simultaneous release on both Apple and Android, the game has apparently been delayed for a while on Android phones. Nintendo hasn’t said why, however, and has only said to expect the game in 2017.

It may be because Nintendo doesn’t want to overwhelm any servers (if the game has any) with a Pokemon Go-like scramble to download and play the game. Despite a staggered release across various countries, Pokemon Go still had a lot of server issues from the start due to the sheer number of people playing, leading to numerous instances of downtime.

Considering how widespread Apple phones are around the world, Nintendo may want to avoid a simultaneous release and instead just stagger them out so that they can fix problems as they come. However, Nintendo has committed to putting the game on the Android store, so if you do own one of those kinds of phones you can still expect to be playing the Super Mario Run Android version sometime soon, just not this year.

Considering that everything else Nintendo has promised for the game, it’s likely that Android phone users will still get the same stuff in the Super Mario Run Android version, including the ability to link their My Nintendo accounts (if they have one) to the game in order to get more special rewards.

In the meantime, if you own an Android phone, you’ll just have to wait for the Android version of the game to come out for your own device.

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