How To Get The Lazy Shell Weapon And Armor In Super Mario RPG

Get the Lazy Shell armor and weapon to tackle end-game bosses.

The Lazy Shell is among the most potent weapons and armor in Super Mario RPG. You will get your hands on it later in the game after getting two important items. The lone Gardener in Rose Town is the key NPC to get the Lazy Shell weapon and armor.

You can find his Shack in the back of the town, and he’ll lament on two specific items necessary to grow a particular plant. Let’s start with how you can find the items required to get the Lazy Shell weapon and armor.

How to get the Seed for Lazy Shell

The first item on the list is the fast-growing Seed. To obtain this item, you must defeat Smilax in Bean Valley on your path to Nimbus Land. You’ll see her atop a pipe, watered by a flying Beezo in Super Mario RPG Remake. Walk up to her to initiate the battle.

Smilax will start weak, and you’ll have to defeat her multiple times to claim victory. With Megasmilax defeated, the Beezo that watered her will express distress. Once he leaves, you will notice an item dropped in the upper left corner, where you fought Megasmilax. Go pick this up to obtain the Seed.

Where to find the Fertilizer

This item is obtained in Nimbus Land after you’ve defeated Valentina and Dodo in Super Mario RPG. The battle itself is relatively straightforward but has some interesting gimmicks.

You’ll see the Beezo flying away from the cloud platform to the right, with Valentina defeated. An invisible path extends from the right side of this cloud platform somewhere around the middle. Keep walking until your character is walking in the sky.

You’ll end up face to face with the Beezo, at which point he’ll plead with you to spare him, offering the Fertilizer in exchange.

Return to the Gardener and get Lazy Shell in Super Mario RPG

With both items at your disposal, return them to the gardener in Rose Town. A giant Bean Stalk will jut through his roof.

To climb it, leave the house and jumps the crates near his house to reach the chimney. From here, you can climb to the top. You will be on a cloud platform with two special chests floating within jump distance. Jump under these, and the Lazy Shell (Weapon) and Lazy Shell (Armor) will be added to your collection in Super Mario RPG.

As with all the other Shell-type weapons, the Lazy Shell (Weapon) also has a perfect timing mechanic. To nail the perfect timing, press A the moment Mario’s foot touches the shell. The visual indication is clear, so practice it to your heart’s content until it’s second nature.

Although the Lazy Shell (Armor) boosts resistances against all types of damage and status ailments, it comes with a tradeoff. Whoever equips it has its speed, physical, and magical Attacks reduced. It’s the ideal armor for backline supporters or Healers who aren’t expected to contribute to team DPS.

These will come in handy if you plan on taking on difficult end-game bosses like Culex.

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