How To Get Fat Yoshi In Super Mario RPG

Feed cookies to Fat Yoshi and get some good rewards.

Fat Yoshi in Super Mario RPG is a useful character as it can give you some items in exchange for some cookies. However, you can’t just go and find the fat Yoshi. First, you must find the baby Yoshi and then make it fat to get a Fat Yoshi.

You don’t have to worry; I will cover the whole process of finding the Yoshi and making it fat.

How to reach Yo’ster Isle and find Yoshi in Super Mario RPG

After completing Rose Town and defeating the Bowyer, turn on the map screen. Go left towards a location called Pipe Vault. This is an optional location, so if you want, you can skip it or return after some time.

Click on it, and you’ll end up in a small green area with a single pipe in the middle. Jump in, and you’ll end up in a 3D-style stage with 2D mechanics as a nod to the original Mario releases.

These stages have easy enemies and linear 2D pathways divided into a few stages. Complete all these and jump in the green pipe at the end of each stage. Once done, you’ll end up in a new area. Before continuing, go north and jump up to find a hidden chest that contains a Frog Coin in Super Mario RPG.

Now go down the path, and you’ll end up on the Yo’ster Isle. As you reach the island, you’ll notice a baby Yoshi sitting in a nest.

How to make baby Yoshi fat in Super Mario RPG?

When you interact with it, it’ll ask for cookies. To get these cookies, you’ll need to race the dinosaurs by talking to the blue one named Boshi at the start of the racing path.

Before you go to Boshi, you need some cookies for yourself. The race requires some cookies for betting them at the beginning. You won’t have any at the start, as cookies are used only on this island. For that, you need to find a Red Yoshi.

Go toward the left side of the island and find a mailbox. Beside the mailbox, there would be a Red Yoshi. Talk to it, and you’ll get a few cookies to start the game.

The next step is to get a Yoshi in Super Mario RPG to ride on. Go to the green Yoshi near the path you used to get to the island. Talk to it and use the Saddle Up option to ride him. Now go to the Blue Yoshi, Boshi, and ask for a race. He’ll ask you to bet cookies. Select an amount of cookies and start the race.

How to win the Yoshi race

The race follows the buttons on the bottom, which are A and B for a controller. Press them as they appear on the bottom right corner of the screen and keep going until you reach the ending spot.

The buttons are not pressed simultaneously or follow a pattern, so it’s better to practice the race for one cookie and then use a large amount.

You also have the option of using the Y button, which uses your existing cookie and gives you a boost. The game is easy enough, so you don’t need to use it. Once you get the hang of it, keep racing until you get 30+ cookies.

Now go to baby Yoshi and keep feeding him the cookies in several turns. Once 30 cookies are fed, leave the island and return to see the baby Yoshi out of the nest and sitting beside it. Congrats, you’ve got Fat Yoshi in Super Mario RPG Remake.

What items can you get from Fat Yoshi?

After achieving your goal of getting Fat Yoshi, you must wonder what you get in exchange. Well, there is a reward that involves more cookies. You can race more to get more cookies and items from the Fat Yoshi. Make sure the amount required is given at the same time to get the item.

No. of CookiesRewards
10 cookiesOne item out of: A Red Essence, Yoshi-Ade, Energizer, and Bracer.
20 cookiesA Red Essence
30 cookiesFrog Coin
50 cookies (after the first Frog coin, the price is raised to 50)Frog Coin
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