Sundered Corrupted Abilities Guide

This Sundered Corrupted Abilities Guide lists all these upgrades along with their items on which they can be applied. We...

This Sundered Corrupted Abilities Guide lists all these upgrades along with their items on which they can be applied.

We have made it easy for you with this Sundered Corrupted Upgrades Guide so that you know which upgrades should be done first and which can be delayed until later to suit your gameplay style.

Sundered Corrupted Abilities

In this guide we have explained what happens to every item after they get the corrupted upgrade. Corrupted upgrades enhance the features and they add new bonuses to the items after they are applied.

Mi-Go Shield

Mi-Go shield is a corrupted upgrade for your shield. When you do this upgrade, it will unlock the ability to automatically counter-attack after taking a certain amount of damage. It is useful when you are low on health and you are not that good at counter-attacking.


Armageddon is the corrupted upgrade for your gun. After you apply this upgrade, your gun will fire a steady stream. However, keep a lookout; this will gradually deplete the energy. So be conservative with it.

Z’Toggua’s Wings

Z’Toggua’s Wings is an update for your leaping device. It greatly increases your maneuverability by allowing you to glide after a double jump. It is very handy to cross big distances which are not possible to cross in normal conditions.


Ghatanothoa’s Strength

Ghatanothoa’s Strength is a corrupted upgrade for your charged attack. It greatly increases the damage inflicted by your charged attack and adds two levels of charge. This is a good offensive upgrade and you should prioritize this if you love combat.

Atlach-Nacha’s Grip

Atlach-Nacha’s Grip is an upgrade for your wall run. It allows you to wall run from a jump and you can also stop along the wall. It is very useful and greatly increases your maneuverability.

Azathoth’s Breath

Azathoth’s breath upgrades the propulsion engine. When upgraded, it replaces air-dash with an omnidirectional teleport. It allows you to teleport anywhere in the same range as that of air dash. The range is same but it offer better maneuverability.

Eldritch Pull

This upgrade is a support upgrade and it upgrades your Grappling Hook. When you grapple somewhere, pressing trigger again will create a small explosion where the hook is attached which will cause damage to any enemies nearby.

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