Stray Scratching Locations Guide

This guide will show you all of the Scratching Locations in Stray to unleash your inner feline and unlock the trophy.

Stray is a phenomenal cat roleplaying game that lets you become the cat you’ve always wanted to be. As a cat, you’d want to scratch things because that’s what cats do, right? This guide will show you all of the Scratching Locations in Stray.

The Scratching Locations in Stray are the points or locations where you can scratch as the cat in the game. The best thing about these locations is that they not only provide oddly satisfying experiences but also assist with a variety of tasks such as opening doors and windows, solving puzzles, and unlocking achievements and rewards.

Where To Find All Scratching Points In Stray

Stray has a variety of scratching points ranging from walls to carpets. Here’s a list of all the common scratching points in Stray.

  • Carpet
  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Couch

You may be wondering what the point of all this scratching is; well, if you scratch at least once per chapter, you will be rewarded with The Stray Territory Trophy.

Some chapters have only one scratching location while others have numerous but scratching a single location in a chapter will suffice. Here are all the scratching points for each chapter.

Chapter 01 – The Wall Scratching Locations

In chapter 1, the scratching spot is on a tree during the cats’ walk around the wall. It’s a hard-to-miss location because a cat will be scratching the location beforehand inviting you to do the same.

Stray Scratching Location Chapter 1

Chapter 02 – Dead City Scratching Locations

The second chapter is a busy one and features a single scratching point. The scratching point is marked in the image below.

Stray Scratching Location Chapter 2

To get to the location, you need to drop the paint can through the skylight.

Chapter 03 – The Flat Scratching Locations

A scratch location can be found in Chapter 3 on a carpet between the computer and the mainframe room.

Stray Scratching Location

Chapter 04 – The Slums Scratching Locations

When you begin The Slums chapter, open the garage doors to find a carpet. This carpet is the next scratching location.

Stray Scratching Location

Chapter 05 – The Rooftops Scratching Locations

The scratch spot on the Rooftops is at the beginning of the chapter. A carpet directly in front of you with the arrow sign is the scratching location and it’s the only one found here.

Stray Scratching Location Chapter 5

Chapter 06 – The Slums Part 2 Scratching Locations

The scratching spot is in Momo’s apartment, right at the start of Chapter 6. There is a carpet nearby that you can scratch.

Stray Scratching Location

Chapter 07 – Dead End Scratching Locations

In Chapter 7 you can find a scratching spot once you enter Doc’s house. Here’s how to get there: Go to the bottom floor and look for a wall to scratch near his desk.

Stray Scratching Location

Chapter 08 – The Sewers Scratching Locations

The scratch location in chapter eight is the most difficult one to spot. The location is shown in the image below.

You must hack both sides of the flood gates to reach the scratching spot.

Chapter 09 – Antvillage Scratching Locations

Antvillage contains a couple of scratching spots. The more convenient one is found after ascending the first level, where two robots will be sitting on a bed. The scratching location is a piece of wood with orange paint right next to them.

Stray Chapter 9 Scratching Location

Chapter 10 – Midtown Scratching Locations

Midtown is yet another large explorable hub with numerous scratching points to find. When you first enter Midtown, you’ll find a couch with a robot sitting on it. The couch is the scratching point.

Stray Scratching Location

Chapter 11 – Jail Scratching Locations

This chapter includes a mission to steal a three-wheeled mini truck. This truck serves as the chapter’s scratching location.

Stray Scratching Location

Chapter 12 – Control Room Scratching Locations

Cat claws are required in the final chapter to disrupt the system in the control room and allow drone friends to hack through; this also serves as a scratch point.

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