How To Get The Poncho For Elliot In Stray

Elliot is a character in Stray who will help you make progress in the storyline. However, he will not offer...

Elliot is a character in Stray who will help you make progress in the storyline. However, he will not offer any help until you get him a Poncho to stay warm in the cold. You will have to find him that Poncho in order to open up the gates to the next area.

The following guide will show you how to get the Poncho for Elliot in Stray.

Where To Find Elliot, The Cold Robot

Elliot is a robot in Stray who will help you progress through the later stages of the Slums area. Elliot can be found in his house which is located past the main bar. The house has a red door and on the door is a translatable poster.

To get to him, head up the stairs and he’ll be found sitting by some computers. Elliot will ask you to get him a cozy Poncho to stray warm against the cold, which will begin the “Grandma’s Clothing” questline.

How To Get The Super Spirit Detergent

To start the quest, you have to go and talk with Grandma who can be found in her own Grandma Clothing store. You can easily find her store by following the signs to the corner of the Slums.

She will agree to help you with the Poncho for the cold robot but in exchange for an Electric Cable. The cable can only be obtained from Azooz, the merchant, but there is the need of finding the Super Spirit Detergent first of all in this process.

To get the detergent, you need to distract a robot on the rooftop. After you get to the rooftop, you’ll notice two robots playing with a paint can. Upon speaking to them, they’ll tell you that they don’t want to be distracted.

When you stand to the left of the robot who’s doing the throwing, you get a prompt to meow just before he makes the throw. This will cause him to drop the can down onto the street.

The laundromat will come out outrageously and start cleaning the paint. Get inside and the Super Spirit Detergent will be found on the windowsill to the left of the door.

How To Get The Electric Cable

After getting the detergent, head back to Azooz who is to the right of the main square. He’ll offer you a lot of stuff but you only need to trade an Electric Cable for the Super Spirit Detergent you’ve got.

How To Get The Poncho

Getting the Poncho is now very simple. Just head back to Grandma and give her the Cable she asked for. After getting the Cable, you’ll get the Poncho from her.

How To Fix The Tracker

After getting the Poncho from Grandma, take it to Elliot and he’ll get you the Tracker fixed. Taking the Tracker to Seamus will open the gates of a new area for you.

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