Where To Find The Paper Bag In Stray

There are several mini activities that you can do in Stray to unlock achievements. The only problem is that these events are hidden in plain sight and you must first find them.

One such activity is for the “Curiosity Killed The Cat” achievement which you can unlock by finding and then sticking your head inside a Paper Bag in Stray. The following guide will show you how.

The Paper Bag Location In Stray

There are several Paper Bags scattered across the many chapters of Stray. The first opportunity you will get to find one is in Chapter 4: The Slums. This is probably also the easiest Paper Bag to find because it is located fairly early in the level. Note that you only need to find one Paper Bag to unlock the achievement.

Load up the Slums and then make your way to Morusque, the robot musician without any music and for whom you will be finding all of the missing Sheet Music collectibles. When you reach him, look to his right to find a Paper Bag leaning against a wooden crate.

Go near the Paper Bag and interact with it. The cat will stick its head inside and obviously get its head stuck. No cause for alarm though. The cat will neither suffocate nor be injured.

The cat will wear the Paper Bag like a hat for a brief period. However, during this time, your controls will become wonky. You will not be able to walk in a direction of your choosing, which figures because the cat has lost its perspective inside the Paper Bag.

The moment you get your head inside the Paper Bag, you will unlock the Curiosity Killed The Cat achievement in Stray.

As for the cat, the Paper Bag will fall off after a little while and respawn if you want to get another go at it.

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