Stranger Things Creators Are Not Leaving, Netflix Shuts Down Rumor

Following recent rumors that the showrunners of the critically acclaimed Stranger Things television series will be parting ways once the third season concludes production, Netflix has stepped forward to deny all such claims.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, the entertainment-streaming behemoth confirmed that creators Matt and Ross Duffer, also referred to as the Duffer brothers, are going nowhere. The implication appears to be that they will continue to stick around for a potential fourth and fifth season as was suggested last year.

The duo was said to be relinquishing their roles and moving on from Stranger Things after the third season. The same rumor mill also churned that the Duffer brothers are expected to stay in some capacity but will no longer be overseeing the script and direction.

Furthermore, the showrunners were said to be interested in launching two new projects with Netflix and that a deal had already been struck between both parties. The extra responsibilities would leave them with little choice but to abandon Stranger Things in order to make room on their schedule.

Thankfully that appears to not be the case, unless Netflix will be sorting out dates with the Duffer brothers to keep them occupied on all ends. It is with certainty that Stranger Things will walk a very different path in terms of storytelling if it does not have the original creators.

The third season for Stranger Things is expected to begin production around April and premiere somewhere next Spring. There will be eight episodes in total, similar to the first season but lesser than the second. The shorter run-time means that filming will be wrapped up quicker, and the finalized product will in turn surface on our screens that much sooner.

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