Steelrising: How To Defeat The Centaur

The Centaur is one of those bosses that look scary and challenging but are actually pretty easy to take down...

The Centaur is one of those bosses that look scary and challenging but are actually pretty easy to take down in Steelrising.

With a limited bag of tricks and moves, you only need to be wary of a few main attacks to dodge and counter them.

The following guide will tell you to bring the Centaur down to his knees in Steelrising.

The Centaur boss fight phases

Phase #1
Be ready to dodge as soon as the cutscene ends because the Centaur is going to blast you with a series of fire-based projectiles. These are going to set the path on fire in a straight line. Hence, you need to dodge to the side. If you dash forward, you will be caught by the fiery shrapnel.

The Centaur has two main melee attacks. He will either thrust his spear or do a frontal sweeping attack. Both attacks can be dodged.

Just know that the Centaur has a little winding animation before thrusting the spear, making it easy for you to move out of the way. The sweeping attack is actually faster. It is best that you do not come into his melee range at all.

Use your ranged ice attacks to deal damage to the Centaur while moving in circles in the arena. Do enough to take around 1.5 of his health bars and the Centaur will fall on his knees for a brief period.

Rush in and do as much melee damage as possible before the Centaur gets back on its feet. If you are quick enough, you can easily do around three to four bars of damage.

Retreat as soon as the Centaur gets back on his feet. During this phase of the fight, the Centaur will do a massive AoE attack

Phase #2
Once the Centaur approaches 50 percent health, he will raise his front legs and start twirling his spear like a baton. As soon as you see the flames of the spear, run to the other side of the arena because the Centaur is going to do a massive explosion.

Following the explosive, the Centaur is going to deal increased damage to you. His spear will be lit on fire for the duration of the fight.

Except for a new attack where the Centaur keeps charging while swinging his spear, all of his attacks are going to be the same in the second phase.

You just have to rinse and repeat the same strategy to stagger the Centaur another time.

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