Apple Is Working With Valve To Bring Steam Link App To iOS and Apple TV

Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller sent out an email which shows that Apple is working with Valve to Steam Link and service to iOS and Apple TV.

Valve has been in news a lot lately due to Apple rejecting its Steam Link app on the App Store. Last week, Valve revealed that their app was rejected by Apple due to “business conflicts” but now it seems the matter is being resolved after Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller sent out an email which has made its way to Reddit.

In the email, Phil Schiller stated that the company cares “deeply about bringing great games” to the App Store and will work with Valve to bring games and services on Apple TV and iOS devices.

Phil Schiller also discussed why the Steam Link App was rejected and how the team works into creating App Store which provides the best experience.

Phil Schiller said:

We care deeply about bringing great games to all of our users on the App Store. We would love for Valve’s games and services to be on iOS and AppleTV.

Unfortunately, the review team found that Valve’s Steam iOS app, as currently submitted, violates a number of guidelines around user generated content, in-app purchases, content codes, etc. We’ve discussed these issues with Valve and will continue to work with them to help bring the Steam experience to iOS and AppleTV in a way that complies with the store’s guidelines.

We put great effort into creating an App Store that provides the very best experience for everyone. We have clear guidelines that all developers must follow in order to ensure the App Store is a safe place for all users and a fair opportunity for all developers.

This tells us that Apple will not close the doors for Steam Link app which gives us hope to see the app soon in the App Store so we can start streaming our favorite games on iPhone.

Steam Link app will allow users to stream games from your Steam library to mobile devices including tablets and smartphones to up to 4K 60 FPS depending on the display of your mobile device.

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