Steam Database For No Man’s Sky Seems To Have Been Updated And Hints At More Features

No Man’s Sky has been rife with controversy since launch with pretty much everyone criticizing the game for skipping out on promised features which people consider to be false advertising.

However, some recently uncovered information from No Man’s Sky’s Steam Database seems to indicate Hello Games might be getting ready to deliver on its original promise.

According to the Steam Database, the game received an update on 12th April which indicates that Hello Games is actually working on an earlier build of the game, a build from before the launch.

A reddit user pointed out that the developers have recently been updating multiple old builds of the game, which is unusual considering they were from before launch and if an update was to be released, it should be for the current build.

While it is unclear what these builds contain or which promised features will make it back, but if the rumors are true, it seems like Hello Games is really trying to get back into the consumer’s good graces.

Prior to launch, No Man’s Sky was touted as a revolutionary title with an infinite universe, procedurally generated flora, fauna and planets as well as numerous space simulation features. Unfortunately, most of that didn’t make it to the final release.

The development didn’t give up on the game however and after months of silence, they announced their plans for the future of the game with continued support and development.

Since then, Hello Games has slowly been adding some of the promised features to the game including a recent update that allows players to create their own bases and even settle NPC traders in those bases to kickstart towns and cities.

To improve planetary exploration, the game also received a rover vehicle so players don’t have to just walk on the planet surface or fly the extremely limited spaceship.

There is no word from Hello Games regarding these updated builds but hopefully, more information will be revealed soon if they do intend to bring back some of the features.

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