Starfield The Valentine Sea Shanty Guide 

The Valentine is a ship whose crew has a liking to singing sea shanties over comms in Starfield.

The Valentine Sea Shanty is one of the many strange encounters in Starfield. While traversing through planets and exploring the depths of different star systems, you will come across a friendly spacefarer. You will find a ship called “The Valentine” singing sea shanty songs in his ship.

It is an odd encounter but a wholesome and entertaining one. This guide will teach you about this intriguing singer’s story and location in the Settled Systems. 

How to get The Valentine Sea Shanty in Starfield 

Most of the encounters in Starfield are random, while a few require you to complete a quest before you can trigger them. The Valentine Sea Shanty falls in the first category. You can experience it during your space exploration completely out of the blue. 

We recommend searching for the Sea Shanty ship in Andromas V-B (Andromas V’s moon) or Oborum II-A (Oborum II’s moon). This is where this ship is known to spawn the most. We found it near Oborum II-A while searching for some useful resources.

The ship surprises players because the last thing you would expect a ship to be doing is singing songs over the comms. They do not hail you, attack you, or interact with you in any way. All the Valentine ship is concerned about is singing a sea shanty in Starfield. It is a nice, entertaining encounter with nothing too deep about it.

Starfield The Valentine Sea Shanty Rewards 

The Valentine Sea Shanty has no direct rewards for you in the game. Hearing a nice song from the NPC is the only reward you get from this mysterious encounter. 


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