Starfield Surveyor Ship Guide 

The Surveyor Ship is one of the many random encounters in the game. As the name suggests, there is no way to trigger it. It just happens on its own.

Starfield features many exciting quests and characters that take you on memorable journeys. Between quests, you will be doing a lot of space traveling. Usually, the vast expanse of space can feel empty but the developers have added some random encounters to bring life to the game world. The Surveyor Ship is an example of one in Starfield.

Like most encounters in this game, the Surveyor Ship encounter presents you with a choice. You can either go with what is asked of you, or you can simply ignore it and go on your way. Both options have consequences.

How to get Surveyor Ship in Starfield  

The Surveyor Ship is a random encounter in Starfield which means you do not have to go to a specific location or talk to a certain character. It triggers randomly while you explore space. If it does not, just remain patient and go on with your adventures, and it will trigger eventually.  

In this encounter, a random Surveyor Ship will approach you and ask you to board their ship. They mistake you and your crew for a collection team they were expecting. If you answer no, the encounter ends there. But if you choose to board their ship, you will be given a reward.

Once you board the ship, you will discover that it mainly has robots on board. To get your reward you need to speak with the robot in the ship’s pilot seat.  

Starfield Surveyor Ship Rewards  

After you talk to the robot, you will be given some organic materials. These will differ from player to player so there is no guarantee what you will get. Organic materials are usually derived from flora and fauna and are used in crafting. If you refuse to board the ship, you will get nothing.


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