Starfield SSNN Quiz Correct Answers

If you are taking the SSNN quiz and survey in Starfield, do not sweat. Here are all the correct answers for all questions.

During your journey, you may come across the SSNN Survey ship, a major news agency in Starfield. They will request you to take part in an Intergalactic Survey.

You’ll be asked a few questions, and if you answer correctly, you’ll be rewarded. You can show you’re a knowledgeable intergalactic citizen in Starfield, and you can give the SSNN Quiz and Survey and grab the rewards they have to offer.

The SSNN survey ship location in Starfield

Although there’s no specific location where you’ll encounter the SSNN Survey Ship, we believe the encounter is randomized and occurs when you travel across various Stars.

As you encounter the ship, you’ll be invited by a news agency to participate in a quiz and survey. Go ahead and accept the offer as you can get some rewards out of it.

Board the ship and speak to the SSNN host to begin the quiz.

How to correctly answer the SSNN quiz in Starfield

When you board the survey ship and sit with the news host, you’ll be given a quiz that contains eight questions. You will have to answer four questions out of eight to successfully complete the quiz. However, answering all of them correctly will give you the maximum rewards at the end.


The following are all the questions you’ll be asked and their answers in the SSNN Quiz in Starfield.

SSNN Quiz QuestionsCorrect Answers
When did the Colony War end?2311.
What does ‘Sanctum Universum’ mean in Latin?Holy Universe.
Neuroamps were created by what company?Ryujin.
What year was the Treaty of Narion signed?2216.
Coe’s Day is a celebration held in which city founded by Solomon Coe?Akila.
The Red Mile Obstacle Course takes place on what star system?Porrima.
The term ‘spacer’ refers to which of the following?A person born in space.
What type of sport is played in the CEC?Starship combat.

Once you’re done with the quiz, the news reporter will move on to the SSNN Survey. Your answers to  

How to correctly answer the SSNN survey

Unlike the quiz, the SSNN survey has no correct answers in Starfield. There are only two survey questions that you can answer by choosing any of the available dialogue options. The outcome will be the same.

SSNN Survey QuestionsOptions
How often do you watch SSNN?I watch it regularly, Not very often, Rarely, Never.
How would you rate our programming?Good, Okay, Bad, I don’t have an opinion.

Starfield – SSNN quiz and survey rewards

After you complete the SSNN Quiz and Survey in Starfield, you will be rewarded according to the number of answers you got correct.

In our case, we were rewarded with a total of 2,500 Credits and some ship upgrade material, including food and aid.

These little quests don’t have much significance but are a great way to make your Starfield Journey more worthwhile.

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