How To Sell Survey Data In Starfield

If you want to make some extra credits in Starfield, then collecting and selling the Survey Data is the best option.

In Starfield, you can collect a lot of Survey data and then sell it to make a lot of credits. These credits will help you in the Playthrough to buy essential things. Additionally, it is straightforward to do and does not prove to be overwhelming.

As you progress further into the adventures of Starfield, you will find yourself navigating to different planets and doing various tasks. Extensively, you will be surveying the planets and trying to gather further information or materials regarding the planet. Once you have the data, you must know where to sell it.

Where to Sell Survey Data in Starfield

Don’t worry about where to sell survey data, as it is straightforward and has multiple ways of doing it. You can sell survey data in two categorized methods that will depend on the classification of your data.

Habitable Planet Survey Data

If you have surveyed habitable planets, then to get the most out of your survey data, we highly recommend you visit Phill Hill, located on Mars. You will find him in Cydonia. This will get you the most money you can get for your survey data in Starfield.

However, Phill Hill only prefers Habitable Planet Survey Data. Considering that constraint, you can get a lot for your Survey Data.

Unhabitable Planet Survey Data

You can still sell your Unhabitable Planet Survey Data to someone else at Eye Space Station in Jamison Planet. The name of the person is Vladimir Sall. He has no constraints over Survey Data, and you can sell him all types of data on different planets.


He will also offer you great money for your data. Furthermore, you will increment your commerce skills, which will let you sell your survey data for more money. However, you will exhaust him financially if you intend to sell him much of it.

But don’t worry; you can still sell your survey data to him. Just sit in one of the chairs inside and wait for 48 hours. Then talk to him again, and his money will be refreshed, allowing you to continue selling your Survey Data in Starfield.

How to Survey Planets in Starfield

Surveying the Planets in Starfield requires you to go over each of the following attributes mentioned:

  • Flora: that is, the plants, vegetation, etc.
  • Resources: Materials like ores and minerals.
  • Fauna: Different derivatives of the inhabiting creatures/animals.
  • Traits: These points of interest must be covered to complete your survey.

The following attributes vary on a large scale as some planets can have all of these while some can have some of these. As you make your way on a planet, equip your scanning device and explore the planet’s land. Depending on the planet, you will have a range of requisites for each attribute.

You will see many highlighted instances on your scanner that will pop up with a blue color. The blue indicates that the following must be scanned to fulfill your survey requirements in Starfield. After you finish it, it will change its color to green, letting you know that the next item/thing has been scanned.

Furthermore, you will also be shown another prompt saying, “Biome Complete.”This informs you that the region you are surveying has no more to offer than it already has, and to get your survey completed, you will have to visit other areas of the planet.

Getting the planetary traits survey data requires looking for characteristics or chemistry that define the planet in Starfield. These can also be interesting geographical locations that you will find refreshing compared to the planet’s other features.

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