Starfield Save Location: Where To Find Save Files?

Your save files for Starfield can be found in the Documents folder. Look for the My Games folder and you'll find a subfolder for Starfield. Inside, you will find the saved files.

While playing Starfield on your PC or console, you may have wondered about the game’s recent save files location. This thought comes to mind usually when you are afraid of losing your saved files due to an error. Maybe you just want to back up them. Or maybe, you want to transfer your save files to another system.

In any case, you must know where to find save files of Starfield on your PC.

Starfield Save Files Location

By default, the game stores its save files in the My Games folder, inside the Documents main folder. This is also where other Steam games usually store their files after installation. The complete path of this exact location is given below:

  • C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Saves

To follow the above path:

  • Open your File Explorer from the Taskbar icon. You can also do this by pressing Win+E from your Keyboard.
  • Under the Quick Access Menu on the left, click the Documents folder.
  • From there, move inside the My Games folder and then access Starfield
  • As you open the Starfield folder, you will see the Saves folder, the Data folder, and the Config file.

To backup these files from the Save folder, copy the saved files and paste them to another folder on your PC. You can also upload these files to any file-sharing service, such as Google Drive. Then, you can retrieve them when needed.

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