Understanding The Reputation System In Starfield

The reputation system in Starfield is a great way to add depth to the game where you can rise and fall in the eyes of a particular faction.

Starfield packs in a whole host of exciting features in its campaign. You have robust planetary exploration, punchy combat, and unparalleled customization. Bethesda offers another exciting feature called the reputation system. The system is not new, as it has made appearances in games like Fallout 76; the way the system works can make you hostile toward one faction or several.  

. In Starfield, a faction’s reputation can open you up to many opportunities or take them away. Hence, the reputation system can allow you to have a completely different playthrough experience every time you start a new save.

We will explain the ins and outs of the Reputation system in Starfield, including how it sways, and what implications a bad or good reputation can have. Finally, we will go over how you can improve your Reputation in Starfield.   

How does the Reputation System work in Starfield?  

The Reputation system in Starfield works similarly to how it works in Fallout 76. When you complete quests and assignments for one faction, your reputation with them increases. However, if you complete a quest that infringes upon another faction, chances are your reputation with them will fall. This system is very double-edged.

Your faction alignments boil down to your own personal preference and which faction you want to remain loyal to. Ultimately, you will not be in perfect standing with every single faction.  It is important to note that companion reputation does not have any effects on faction reputation.

How to Improve Reputation 

The easiest way to improve your reputation for a specific faction in Starfield is by completing their quests. Since you can join all factions in Starfield this should not be hard to do. But as we discussed above, infringing on another faction may end up costing you some reputation.  

Another way to improve your Reputation is to NOT kill NPCs belonging to certain factions. While slaughtering NPCs may be an attractive proposition for some, it may end up costing you your reputation. Make sure not to kill NPCs until absolutely necessary.  

Using Faction Traits in Starfield to Improve Reputation

There are three faction traits in Starfield and each one nets you additional dialogue options, XP, and loot when you complete a certain faction quest. These traits are limited to three factions; Freestar Collective settler, Neon Street rat, and United Colonies Native. Depending on which faction you want a better standing with pick either one of the three traits during character creation to maximize your chances of success.

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