Starfield Proper Tea Theft Walkthrough

You must help a barista get hands on a secret drink recipe to complete the Proper Tea Theft mission in Starfield.

A local barista wants your help in getting a new tea product before it goes towards his competitor in the Proper Tea Theft side quest in Starfield.

The quest is quite short and straightforward and requires your persuasion skills to charm a sommelier to get the product out of his hands and give it to a Barista earning you a chunk of XP and Credits.

How to unlock the Proper Tea Theft mission

You need to speak with a barista named Kumar to unlock the Proper Tea Theft side mission in Starfield.

You can find him behind the counter of the Luxe Cafe which is one of the many Paradiso Resort shops on Planet Porrimma II of the Porrima System.

Meet barista Kumar who wants to create a new drink in Starfield.

How to complete Proper Tea Theft in Starfield

Speak with Kumar and choose to help him get the recipe for the new tea product that is about to launch under the Tranquilitea Corporation.

Kumar will then ask you to help him get the recipe from the sommelier named Rowan Masterson through any means necessary.


Get the Tranquilitea recipe

To speak with Rowan and get the recipe, you must head to the rooftop of the Paradiso Resort using the elevator at the entrance.

When you reach the rooftop, your quest marker will guide you toward the couch area right beside the bar where Rowan will be present.

Once you speak with Rowan, two choices will be prompted either to persuade her and get the recipe for the new product or pay her 4000 Credits for her to let go of it.

Should you pay or persuade Rowan for the secret recipe?

Both options will have the same outcome for the Proper Tea Theft mission in Starfield. That being said, we recommend you use your persuasion skills to persuade Rowan to give up the secret drink recipe. You will be saving 4,000 credits this way.

Once you have your recipe, head back to Kumar and get paid.

Speak with Kumar

You can persuade Kumar through the dialogues and even threaten him by not doing this deal to squeeze a few extra credits out of him.

Speaking with Kumar will mark the end of the Proper Tea Theft side mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Proper Tea Theft mission rewards

  • 2000 Credits
  • 50 EXP

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