Starfield Infinite Credits Glitch That Works Explained

There is a glitch in Starfield that lets you access a merchant's inventory and credits. You can safely loot this and sell the items inside for a ton of credits.

Starfield has launched with its fair share of bugs and glitches that tend to hinder your overall experience.  However, some glitches are useful and can even benefit you in the long run. One such example is the infinite credit glitch, accessed through a few simple steps.

This glitch lets you access a merchant’s credits and inventory. You can loot these items and sell them for profit while the credits are just there for the taking. Using this glitch also does not make the merchant hostile towards you. So that is another bonus.

This glitch can give you a massive headstart in the game. But to use it, you will have to find it first.

How to Use Infinite Credit Glitch in Starfield?  

The infinite credit glitch gives you access to a merchant’s stash and credits without them knowing. The developer essentially places their items and credits inside a chest, which is then hidden underneath the map. You will have to find this chest and then loot it.

Finding a merchant’s chest is the easiest area in New Atlantis in Starfield on the Planet Jemison. You can find this place in the Alpha Centauri system. You can glitch under the map in several ways. Sometimes, the game will fail to load in ground textures, letting you jump straight down immediately. But more often than not, this will require some extra work.

To use this glitch, you will need a powerful boost pack. You will be dropped off of high places quite frequently. To prevent yourself from getting killed, you will need the boost to avoid fall damage.  

Head to the commercial district in New Atlantis, the train station in particular. Directly in front of the train station is a building with a sign that says Outland. Use your boost pack to do this. Once you are on the top, there will be a door with a vine covering its entrance. This door is not real, and you can walk right through it.

When you do, you will fall down and be under the map. Continue walking straight until you find a gap between the floor. Fall from here, but make sure to use your boost periodically. Once you are at the bottom, you can see many different chests beneath a few shops and outlets.

You can freely pick and pillage these chests and gain unlimited credits in Starfield using this glitch. One chest alone in this area gives you a staggering 72,000 credits. To reset these chests, fast-travel to another location, wait 24 hours, and then return.

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