Should You Take Neon Street Rat Trait In Starfield?

Neon Street Rat is a faction-based trait in Starfield that allows you to live the life of a Neon resident and earn extra rewards.

You get to choose three traits from many when creating your character. Each trait offers a unique feature and impacts your gameplay walkthrough. One of the traits you can choose is the Neon Street Rat Trait in Starfield. When picked, this will allow you to start your story as someone living in Neon City.

In this guide, I will be looking at whether it is worth picking the Neon Street Rat trait in the game.

Should you take the Neon Street Rat trait?

Once you pick it, you will later realize that you don’t like Neon City and might hate playing its missions as it prevents you from enjoying astronomical environments. Another thing is that if you choose another faction-based trait like United Colonies Native, you can’t receive its bonuses.

Other traits will be beneficial for your gameplay. But, if you do want to experience Neon City as a native, then you should do it in your second gameplay. I will not recommend using the Neon Street Rat trait in Starfield.

Benefits of the Neon Street Rat trait in Starfield

The first benefit you will receive is that you will have unique dialogue options available to communicate with the people who live in Neon or have a background in Starfield Neon. Some of these dialogues are very interesting.

Besides this, it will help you on missions in Neon. You will get better rewards for completing all missions. If you work as a criminal and smuggle contraband items into the city, the bounty you will receive will be much higher than the bounty without the Neon Street Rat trait.


How to remove the Neon Street Rat trait in Starfield

If, for some reason, you are fed with the mean society of Neon and don’t want to continue as a Neon native, then you can remove the trait to enjoy other intergalactic adventures.

You must go to the Ebbside in Neon to remove it and talk to Madame Sauvage in Starfield. She is a bartender, so buy a drink and keep talking with her. After some dialogues, an option will appear to remove the Neon City Rat Trait; choose that to remove the trait.

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