Starfield Narcissus Race Guide

In Starfield, you will find a ship called the Narcissus which will challenge you to a race. Beat them and ear some credits.

 In Starfield, you will encounter many random encounters that pop up out of the blue. These are added to the game, to add some life to the vast expanse of space. The Narcissus Race encounter is one such experience where a ship captain will challenge you to a race in Starfield.

If you want to unleash your inner speed demon, we suggest you take them up on their offer and prove who is the fastest in the galaxy.

How to get Narcissus Race Encounter in Starfield

The Narcissus Race encounter can be found in the Bernard system. To locate this ship, first scan the Frost planet is the system. Then, you have to zoom out to the galaxy view. After zooming out, you will see a small ship icon near the Frost planet. This is the Narcissus. 

The Narcissus will be sending out a transmission inviting anyone willing to bet some credits for a race in Starfield. There will be different amounts of credits that you can bet and win. But save beforehand and pilot a smaller and more agile ship. This is because the Narcissus is a very maneuverable ship, and you need all the advantage you can get.

Racing it is as simple as you would expect. Outpace them and cross the finish line before they do.

Starfield Narcissus Race Rewards 

These are the rewards that you can win or lose depending on the outcome of your bet. 

Credits  1000 x2 
Credits 2500 x2 
Credits  5000 x2 
The Narcissus Ship If You Steal It 
Starfield Narcissus Race Rewards table

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