Starfield Last Will And Testament Walkthrough

You have to get back a literal Last Will and Testament of someone named Sahar to fulfill her wishes in Starfield.

The “Last Will and Testament” is another side mission that rewards you handsomely for just a few minutes of your time in Starfield.

The mission is about helping find the last will of Sahar after her farm was attacked and everyone was killed. Getting the will back is how you will be able to honor Sahar’s last wishes.

This article will teach you to complete the Last Will and Testament along with the way to select an enormous amount of Credits in Starfield.

How to unlock the Last Will and Testament mission

“Last Will and Testament” is another miscellaneous mission that can be unlocked by triggering an activity in Starfield. In this case, a guard at the Akila City gates will hail you as you try to run past him.

He will tell you that Mayor Cartwright is looking for someone to do an important job. We should definitely go talk to him.

How to complete Last Will and Testament in Starfield

Once you reach the back side of Akila City, communicate with Elias Cartwright who will be comparing Akila City with the United Colonies. As he says we rely on each other and they rely on bureaucracy and machinery and that makes us different from them.

Ask Elias Cartwright about Core

After he finishes telling you about Akila City, you will get five options to choose from. Select the first one which will let you ask him about the Core.

He will start by telling you that The Core is known as the oldest district during the time period of Solomon Coe and still has original settlement descendants who never stopped building their homes.

Ask Elias Cartwright about Frank Langston

After that, another dialogue option will open in which five options are given. Again, select the first choice which is to ask about Frank Langston.

He will say that he recently owned old Hasanov Manor and he has been worse. But the issue was raised when there was no decedent left in the Hasanov family.

The last person in his family was Sahar who had been shifted from Akila City to some farm 40 years ago as she could not tolerate the trauma of losing her last grandchild, so she moved.

But after a certain time period, Ashta attacked the farm and she was also killed. Now, no one in the family is alive.

So, he wants someone who is brave enough to go to Sahar’s Farm to confront Ashta and bring the Sahar’s Will back to him if you are able to find it as he wants to fulfill her last will because she has done enough for Akila City.

He will also tell you the location of the Sahar’s Farm which can be found on the same planet as you are on currently.

Reach Sahar’s farm

You can use the fast travel facilitation to make your way to Sahar’s Farm. Once you reach there, you will see the boundaries of that farm.

As you get inside the boundaries, you will see several Ashta roaming around. Before they come to attack you, you need to use your weapon and bring them down.

There is only one house in there, you have to open an air-locked gate and get inside. On the right-hand side, beside the bed, you will see a yellow box in which you will get the Last Will of Sahar Hasanov.

Once you have placed Sahar’s Will in your inventory, you have two options to choose from, either hand it over in the hands of Mayor Elias Cartwright or you can give it to Frank Langston. Giving the will to Frank is an optional objective.

Speak with Frank Langston (optional)

You can find the location of Frank Langston in the City of Akila on the other back side of where you met with Elias Cartwright.

You can also take the help of the marker to get there. Once you are there, you will see Langston Manor where you need to go inside to have a conversation with Frank in the kitchen.

During your conversation with him, he will tell you what happened to him when he came to Akila City to offer business which could lead to opportunities for Akila citizens to get employed but what he has got in return? Just insult.

Additionally, he added that since he had bought the estate, everyone went against him. In fact, he didn’t know that he was going to buy the property which is a historical manor.

After a few words, you get an option to choose that you got the Last Will and Testament of Sahar Hasanov. Once you select it, he offers you a deal that if you give the will to him, he will give you 10,000 credits.

Also, ask you for a favor to not tell Elias Cartwright about the Sahar’s Will and tell him that you could not find anything there.

Speak with Elias Cartwright

Now, you need to make your way to Elias Cartwright in the same place where you met him before on the other side of the same city from here and give him the Sahar’s Will and he will give you the award of 2500 Credits and 100 EXP.

Should you give Sahar’s Will to Frank Langston or Elias Cartwright?

If you decide to give Sahar’s Will to Frank, he will give you 10000 Credits. You will also be able to lie to Elias that you did not find anything and still get around 10300 credits with 50 EXP from him.

If you give Sahar’s Will to Elias Cartwright instead while skipping the optional objective, he will say thanks to you and award you with 2500 Credits with 100 EXP.

We recommend you to give the will to Frank as he will give you 10,000 Credits and when you go to Elias without Sahar’s Will, he will give you 10300 additional Credits and 50 EXP.

So in total, you will get 20300 Credits and 50 EXP. But if you give Sahar’s Will to Elias, he will just give you 2500 Credits and 100 EXP. So, the right choice to go for is Frank.

Starfield – Last Will and Testament mission rewards

Once you have completed the side mission of Last Will and Testament in Starfield, you will get 20300 Credits and 50 EXP by giving the Sahar’s Will to Frank or you can get 2500 Credits and 100 EXP if you give it to Elias Cartwright.

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