Dionysus Location In Starfield 

Dionysus is the moon to a much bigger planet where you will find a temple with Starborn powers. But finding it can be tricky for many.

Starfield features 24 Starborn Powers to help you combat evil and explore hundreds of planets in the cosmos. You can acquire these powers from temples across different star systems as part of the Power From Beyond quest. Dionysus is one of the locations where you can complete this objective in Starfield.

It is the moon of a bigger planet which holds a Starborn temple. This will be the first location the quests sends you to. But you may find it hard to find it. This guide will help you find Dionysus’ location and get the power from its surface in Starfield. 

Dionysus location in Starfield 

Dionysus is the second moon of Aion, the biggest planet in the Olympus System. The Olympus star system happens to be in the northwest of the Volii system. 

Locate Aion in the star system, then proceed to the tiny dot on the right side, circling the planet. After that, set course to Dionysus and start traveling toward the moon. Look at the star map below to understand the moon’s exact location. 

dionysus location in starfield

How to complete a 100% survey at Dionysus  

The main thing to explore at this captivating moon is to find the temple and acquire its power. To do this, you must follow the distortions on your scanner after landing on the surface. As these distortions grow stronger, you will know that the temple is near your current location. 

Having reached the temple, you will uncover that it is the Temple Alpha (or any other random one according to your gameplay). Run around the area to find two adjacent walls having a symbol in between them. Enter the temple, interact with the portal to obtain its power, and come out as soon as the task is done. 


On top of getting Starborn Power, you can acquire a handful of resources on this moon. These include Iron, Uranium, and Chlorine. Also, you can get three planet traits in this area, including Emerging Tectonics, Global Glacial Recession, and Solar Storm Seasons. 

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