Starfield Brownout Walkthrough

Remove ice deposits to start the wind turbines again to complete Brownout in Starfield. Make sure to pick up the laser cutter.

In the Brownout mission of Starfield, there has been a power failure in New Homestead and for some reason, the only person who can help them is you.

You need to get yourself a laser cutter and remove ice deposits to free the turbines. This will bring back the power.

Once you have successfully removed the ice deposits from the energy system machinery, you can go back to Joyce to inform her and get the reward.

How to unlock the Brownout mission

You need to go find and speak with Joyce Osaka to unlock Brownout in Starfield. She can be found in the Energy System Office in New Homestead. It lies on Titan in the Sol System in case you are wondering.

After reaching New Homestead, go inside through the airlocked gate. Keep going straight and you will come across an elevator on your right. Take it to the Energy System Office.

How to complete Brownout in Starfield

Joyce is the manager of the Power System here. She tells you that she is going through a problem with the wind turbines. They are down and people are expecting them to be fixed soon.


However, she is too busy and is unable to do it herself. This is where you come in. Help Joyce bring back the power to the people.

She wants someone who is equipped with a laser cutter to break the ice on the machinery. Removing the ice will start the power again. If you do not have the laser cutter, you can pick it up from Joyce’s Desk.

Remove the ice deposits

To complete Brownout, you need to remove the ice deposits from four spots. Once you agree to help her, take the elevator to the ground floor to exit the building.

We suggest you mark the mission from the menu so you can easily follow the blue markers and reach the towers and turbines. In total, there are 2 towers and 3 turbines where the ice is deposited.

As you come out, make your way to the right-hand side, and continue, you will see several towers in front of you and machinery.

With the help of a blue marker, you can easily see the spot where you need to use a laser to remove the ice. In this area, you will find four spots of ice on 3 towers and 1 turbine.

Once you are done removing the ice from all four spots, make your way back and follow the blue marker and you will find the last turbine to remove the ice.

Return to Joyce

Once you have successfully removed the ice from the towers and turbines, you need to return to Joyce to inform her that you have cleared the ice.

Get inside the building through an air-locked door and reach the Energy System office by taking the same elevator.

Talk to her and she will say that the power systems are working now. She will say thanks to you for helping her and give you the reward.

Starfield – Brownout mission rewards

On your successful completion of the Burnout side mission in Starfield, you will be able to get the rewards of 2,100 Credits and 75 EXP.

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