Starfield Adoring Fan All Choices Explained 

Like Oblivion, you can get an Adoring Fan who follows you around and worships the ground you walk on. It's cute most of the time but in some cases, can get annoying. There are a few choices to be made here.

The Adoring Fan from Oblivion has returned in Starfield, but not in a nostalgic way for many players. He can be an annoying companion, and getting rid of him becomes quite difficult. Especially when you just want to complete a quest in the game, and he keeps following you around.

After bumping into him for the first time, you can either hire him as a companion, get rid of him by telling him to get lost or kill him. The Adoring Fan can be helpful in many ways for you in the game. However, knowing all the choices you can opt for after meeting him in Starfield is essential. 

Adoring Fan Location in Starfield 

There is no certain location where an Adoring Fan appears during your gameplay. You must adopt a specific trait at the beginning of Starfield to meet him randomly. 

The game allows you to select one of the optional character traits at character creation. You will have to go with the Hero Worshipping Trait to get him in the game. This trait allows you to get the Adoring Fan’s attention.

Before he pops out of nowhere in your way, you will also be notified that he will “show up randomly and jabber incessantly”. Finding the Adoring Fan is simply impossible. He sees you himself when you have the Hero Worshipping Trait selected.  

After getting this trait, make your way to New Atlantis and complete the starting missions. It is situated on the Jemison planet of the Alpha Centauri system. 

Roam around in New Atlantis for some time in the urban areas. The Adoring Fan will appear before you and show his keen interest in joining your crew. If you recruit him, he will become a companion and provide some bonuses to you in the game.  

But if you have had enough of the Adoring Fan’s company, you can eliminate him in a few ways.  

Persuade the Adoring Fan 

If you want to force the Adoring Fan to leave without killing him, we have got an easy way for you.  

Start chatting with him and select the dialogue option to ask a few personal questions. Tell him that you want to talk about his fandom. As you ask him to get lost, he will try to change the subject by praising your eyes. Without getting swayed by his praises, select the following dialogue option, which says, “No, I want you to stop being a fan, period” 

Another option is to let him stay a fan and ask him to leave the crew. In any case, he will finally be off your crew.  

Kill the Adoring Fan in Starfield 

If you want to do things aggressively, you can with the “It’s time for you to go, permanently” option. The Adoring Fan will not believe you at first, as he considers you his hero who can never do a wrong deed. However, you must insist on putting a bullet in his head and ask him to stay still. This will make the Adoring Fan permanently leave your crew.

He will not be an essential companion after this point. Now, you can kill him using any weapon of your choice. 

Unaware of your intentions, the poor fan will stand before you, ready to be slain by your hands. As you throw a couple of bullets at him, he will be in complete denial and consider that you are doing it accidentally.

Keep hitting him with many bullets, and finally, select the “It’s a surprise” dialogue option”. As the Adoring Fan dies, Sarah will rebuke you for doing a cold-blooded murder.  

Love the Adoring Fan 

If you ask the Adoring Fan if he is into you romantically, he will be utterly disgusted by the idea. He says he wants a platonic relationship with you and does not wish to stain something so pure with something so ordinary.

This will creep him out and force him to leave.

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