Stardew Valley Golden Walnut Locations Guide

This Stardew Valley Golden Walnut Locations guide will help you find all of this new tradeable currency on the island for new items.

Finding golden walnuts is very important in Stardew Valley to unlock Ginger Island’s secrets and to trade for rare items. This Stardew Valley Golden Walnut Locations guide will help you find all of this new currency on the island.

Stardew Valley Golden Walnut Locations

With the new Stardew Valley 1.5 update, a total of 130 golden walnuts can be found on Ginger Island. Golden Walnuts are the currency of parrots on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley.

These walnuts are scattered all across the Island and can be earned by doing simple mining, fishing, killing, and farming on the Island.

These walnuts can be traded for rare rewards like Qi Gems, which can further earn you special rewards such as magic bait and Galaxy Souls upon trading.

One hundred sixty golden walnuts are required to unlock all the rewards in Qi’s shop.

This guide will cover all of the locations where players can find these valuable walnuts in Stardew Valley. Let’s take a look at them below.

Ginger Island – East

You need to follow Leo to the right when he runs away. The next screen in the jungle will appear, and on the next screen to the north, a golden walnut can be collected.

This walnut can be given to the parrot, which will guide you and give you hints about other walnuts’ locations in the jungle. One walnut will be revealed to you when you look in the tree inside Leo’s hut.

Another interesting tip is to place a banana in the altar that can be found on the staircase next to Leo’s hut.

A gorilla will reward you with three walnuts. You can find a hidden path that will lead you to a puzzle; this puzzle can be solved to gain five golden walnuts.

Furthermore, on rainy days a bird will arrive and drop a gemstone; this gemstone should be taken to the corresponding altar, depending on where it was found. Another walnut is hidden in the bushes on the extreme south of your screen.

Ginger Island – West

Simple tasks can help you achieve golden walnuts on the West side of Ginger Island.

First of all, you can solve puzzles like Gourmand Frog by harvesting a melon, wheat, and garlic to earn a total of 15 walnuts.

A Simon says puzzle found in a cave at the north of Tiger Slime Grove gives a reward of 3 walnuts. Five walnuts can be earned by completing the Pirate Wife’s quest on the west side.

Harvesting and defeating slimes will also help yield walnuts in this region. Mining the mussel rocks in the south of Ginger Island Farm will also unlock five golden walnuts.

Simply exploring this new Island also yields golden walnuts. Walnuts can be discovered in a ship on a plant in a tiny room, and eight golden walnuts are found in random places or trees.

You will often come across patterns such as an X in the sand or a diamond on the beach; dig into their centers, and you’ll earn seven walnuts.

Ginger Island – North

At the North of Ginger Island, walnuts are most likely to be found under patterns as mentioned above.

This time the designs may appear as rock circles or flower circles; you can dig into their centers to collect the walnuts.

The Entrance of Volcano Dungeon

A plethora of walnuts can be found at the entrance of the volcano dungeon.

You can use the watering to create a path towards the left, which will unleash an exit. This exit will open up and reveal two walnuts on the bushes.

You can find a tall tree at the left of the entrance. You can knock the walnuts off that tree by using a slingshot. By simple exploration of the area, you can find the rest of the five walnuts.

Inside the Volcano Dungeon

There are a total number of 19 golden walnuts you need to look for in the Volcano Dungeon of the Island.

There are various ways to collect these walnuts, such as; defeating enemies, looting chests, and mining mussel rocks.

Moreover, it would be best only to find one walnut per crate if you kept it in mind—the reward in the chest changes on each player’s visit.

It would help if you also looked at the 10th and final floor, where two tall walnut trees are found.

Ginger Island – South

Finally, the south end of Ginger Island also contains a plethora of walnuts for you to find.

Two weather conditions need to be kept in mind before looking for walnuts. The quests will be different depending on a rainy and non-rainy day.

A Rainy Day
On a rainy day, you’ll find a beautiful mermaid sitting on a rock in the water. The mermaid will reward you with five golden walnuts if you play her song with flute blocks.

This song can be played by piling up one flute block on top of the set of stones at the right of the one with a music note. The size of the stone indicates how many times a flute block should be pressed to tune.

A small stone indicates one step, while a large stone indicates five steps.

After the rocks have been tuned, run on them from left to right to play the tune. If the song is played correctly, you’ll be rewarded with golden walnuts.

A Clear Day
On a non-rainy day, you can visit the Pirate Cove after 8 PM to play the darts game; this game will earn you three golden walnuts.

You can build a beach resort and see the starfish-shaped tide pile for fishing; this will make you one walnut. Just like the other regions, if you spot a pattern here, don’t be shy and dig in to earn three golden walnuts.

Tasks like fishing in this new Stardew Valley Island can earn a total of five walnuts. Moreover, you can open up a golden coconut for the first time to reveal a golden walnut inside.

These are all the locations you need to keep in mind while looking for golden walnuts in the new Ginger Island of Stardew Valley.

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