Star Wars Squadrons Fleet Battles Guide

Star Wars Squadrons is finally out and at launch, brings with it two multiplayer game modes. This guide will focus...

Star Wars Squadrons is finally out and at launch, brings with it two multiplayer game modes. This guide will focus on the Star Wars Squadrons Fleet Battles mode which serves as the ranked playlist.

Star Wars Squadrons Fleet Battles

The core gameplay of Fleet Battles remains the same as the entire game. It is a 5v5 multiplayer battle but that’s where the similarity with Dogfight mode ends.

While Dogfight serves as a TDM mode, Fleet Battles has multiple stages of objectives.

As the name suggests, it’s more than just starfighters dueling. Each side’s fleet plays a role in Fleet Battles and your main objective is to take out the enemy fleet’s defenses and destroy their flagship.

Below we have broken down each phase of the Fleet Battle objectives and given some handy tips to ensure victory in this Squadrons game mode.

Phase 1

When a Fleet Battle starts, you and your squad will have to engage in dogfights with the enemy team. If you win the starting duels, you will gain the advantage.

Keep moving ahead towards the enemy side taking down as many enemy players you can.

Keep your squadron together, and crash into the enemy line with as much firepower as possible.

Phase 2

The next aim of your team should be to take down the enemy Capital Ships. Damage them with whatever ship weapons you have, with the exception of Ion weapons.

The bomber-class fighters in your team will be well-equipped to destroy the capital ships.

If you go up against ships where their shields are proving to be a hassle, Ion weapons can be highly useful to disable them.

After the Capital Ship’s shield is down, use explosive weapons to destroy the hull completely.

Phase 3

The final objective of a Fleet battle is to destroy the enemy Flagships. Assaults on flagships are divided in multi-phases.

First, you will have to destroy the turrets. Use interceptors to destroy them as this will make it easier and safer for bombers to fly in and disable the shields.

After disabling all enemy defenses, you will be able to destroy the enemy Flagship. The first team to destroy the enemy team’s Flagship will be the victor!

Fleet Battle Tips and Tricks

Communication is Key
In Star Wars Squadron Fleet Battles, communication with your team will be very important to carry out coordinated attacks.

Going in solo while your team is somewhere else will be of no use. Fleet Battles is a ranked game mode so going in without a plan will adversely affect your team.

Make sure to communicate with your team throughout the match to have the best chance of victory.

Destroy Raiders and Corvettes First
When you reach the enemy Capital Ships, you should try to destroy the Raiders and Corvettes as soon as possible as doing so will give you a nice bonus and help swing the battle back in your favor.

Morale is Important
As the fleet battles are ranked battles and ranks are based on team morale, so it is important to gain as much morale as you can during a battle.

You gain Morale by destroying AI starfighters and player-controlled starfighters but more is gained by destroying player-controlled characters.

If the morale meter shifts back into your opponent’s favor, fall back as it is no longer safe to attack.

Resupplying your starfighter is key to survival and getting kills in Fleet Battles. However, unlike Dogfight mode, resupply isn’t instant in Fleet Battles.

To resupply during Fleet Battles, you actually need to dock with your ships Capital Ships. This takes time and you are vulnerable during resupply so make sure you are safe before attempting a resupply.

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