Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Purge Troopers Combat Guide

Learn how to fight the Empire's elite of the elite with the help of our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Purge Troopers combat guide

Purge Troopers in the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order are the special troopers created and trained by the man himself, Darth Vader. He trained these deadly forces to get power from Dark Side and created Imperial Inquisitors. The inquisitors offer some specific instructions to stormtroopers and mold them into purge troopers. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Purge Troopers Combat guide for you to better understand this enemy type and how you can deal with them in battle.

Purge Troopers are soldiers who are strong and skilled enough to hold themselves on their own against someone who can use the Force. These purge troopers are the most abundant and greatest threat for players in Jedi Fallen Order.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Purge Troopers Combat

Here we have explained all four types of Purge Troopers and their strong and weak points as well. They are typed according to the weapons they use and the strength they possess. Following is the full detail about all of them.

Electrostaff Purge Troopers
These are the easiest of the four types but don’t think they are going to be easy to handle.

They can easily team up with other troopers to startle you. They carry an electrostaff and are specialized in counter-attack. They are very good at handling parry attacks and will easily respond to your attack with another.

If you are new or not so sure about your parry attacks yet, the best strategy that you can use against them as you will fight them mostly at the beginning so you can block and dodge their most attacks and when their combo ends they stop for a while before attacking again. This is your window of opportunity to hit some blows.

The length of this pause will depend on the difficulty level of the game that you have selected.

These purge troopers are specially trained to counter the use of force so if you use Force Push or Force Pull, they will successfully counter it.

You will have to upgrade your Force push to Mass push or Howling Push to successfully push the Purge troopers and upgrade your Force Pull to Grasping Pull to pull them successfully.

Now while using Pull action, keep in mind that they will use your force to gain momentum and stab you so while using Pull action, be ready to doge or use lightsaber throw before the trooper gets to you.

Electrobaton Purge Troopers
These are the fastest Purge Troopers of all four types and also specialized in Parrying and Dodging.

They are not very good with the counter attacks as the Electrostaff Troopers but their attack combos are very long and very complex so even if you dodge or block some of their first attacks they can continue their attacks even after.

The best attack against Electrobaton Troopers is to wear down their guard or using the Force.

They are not very good at countering the Force attacks so you can easily use Force Pull and Force Push on them and if you are close to some cliff you can easily throw them off by using Force. But they are very strong against Lightsaber and can dodge pretty much every Lightsaber attack.

Against an electrobaton Purge Trooper you need to be strategic, you will notice they have a long combo of attacks that you can dodge and then they will pause for a moment and will continue with an unblockable attack.

That pause is your key to blow some damage. The length of this pause will again depend upon the difficulty level on which you are playing the game.

In order to stop that unblockable attack you need to hit the trooper enough time to stun him. If you fail to do so you will get that unblockable attack anyways.

If you fail to stun the electrobaton, you need to immediately dodge the attack that comes afterwards.

Electrohammer Purge Troopers
These are the baddast and most damage dealing Purge Troopers of all. Wielding a massive axe like hammer, they can deal huge damage with their strong hits.

Due to that large weapon they carry, they are pretty slow and if you are facing them one on one you can easily dodge them. So keep in mind that you don’t want them with other Troopers in the same room.

So they have an array of combos that they can use and all these attacks are unblockable, so rather than blocking and parrying you should just dodge these deadly array of attacks and when this combo is done, Electrohammer troopers need some time to get back and recover, this is your window of opportunity to get the maximum health out of them.

Well you must have known by now, they are huge troopers and when it comes to Force they can handle pretty much everything. They will also encounter lightsaber throw.

Just save your force energy and focus on the combat with your Lightsaber and getting them off guard and finishing them by hand.

Purge Trooper Commanders
They are the commanders and therefore always accompanied by other fellow troopers.

You will never find them alone so you will have to clear others off to fight them. They also prefer to fight from a distance unlike other troopers and that is because they carry laser rifles.

Their main focus is to never let you get close to them, ever. All of their attacks and movements are designed to get them as far away from you as possible.

They will use their unblockable laser fire or use their shock greanades, both can damage and stun you. They can also dodge and counter your Force attacks easily.

Purge Trooper Commanders are very agile and will always try to get behind you to attack from your back. They will easily dodge your lightsaber attacks as well as lightsaber throw. You cannot hold them with Force Push, as they will just fire at you in midair.

So as they try to increase the distance between you, your work is to close the distance and get as close to them as possible. For that you can keep them in front of you with Force Slow, and use Force Push as well to throw Commander’s own grenades at his ally troopers that are accompanying him.

After clearing the group, close in on the commander and use dash strike and sprint strike with your lightsaber as they are both good options to deal quick damage.

Commander will again try to run away from you, for that you will have to chase the commander and get him into the reach of your lightsaber.

One trick you can do is when you are facing commander and other troopers at the same time try to clear commander first.

For that when you will be chasing commander all other troopers will be chasing you, posing very little threat to you as they need to be close to you to deal damage. Once the commander is gone you can easily fight others as well.

That’s all there is to know about Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Purge Troopers Combat and how you can benefit from their weaknesses to give Cal an edge.