Star Wars Battlefront Weapons Guide – Best Blasters, Tips, How to Unlock

Star Wars Battlefront Weapons guide to best blasters with tips and strategy to effectively use them in long range combat.

The most common weapons of choice for both Rebel Alliance and Empire soldiers are called Blasters. It’s always a good idea to experiment with different blasters and see what is most suitable for you.

Star Wars Battlefront Weapons

Although Blasters have minimum recoil, it indeed comes into play at long-range which is why it’s recommended to fire in short successions at increased range.

Aside from recoil, overheating is another thing which must be considered. Once reached overheat limit, you will not be able to shoot until your Blaster has reached cooldown state.

Lastly, each Blaster in the game has an effective range after which its damage output begins to decrease. Consider all these factors in mind when choosing your Blaster.

Available at: 3
Credits Required: 550

This is a medium-range Blaster with a high rate-of-fire. The increased rate-of-fire also affects its damage output which is why it is best used at medium-range. You should definitely give it a go in game modes such as Supremacy.

Available at: 3
Credits Required: 550

This is another medium-range Blaster which suffers from decreased rate-of-fire, but a high damage output.

Since it has a sluggish rate-of-fire, you need to make each shot count and benefit from its high damage. It is a strong weapon overall and loved using it in the game’s beta phase.

Available at: 5
Credits Required: 1250

Although it has slightly low damage output, the increased overheat threshold and increased rate-of-fire make this Blaster an ideal one. With RT-97C, you will be able to win most of the gunfights at almost any range on a map.

Available at: 8
Credits Required: 1550

This medium-ranged Blaster has a fairly low damage output and decent rate-of-fire.

In addition to this, it has a fairly decent overheat threshold which allows players to eliminate a few of enemies before overheating. Due to low damage output, you need to aim for headshot, catch enemies by surprise, and make your each hit count.

It is hard to win one-on-one gunfights against RT-97C.

Available at: 8
Credits Required: 1550

This is a pretty decent Blaster which has insane range and damage output, but a relatively slow rate-of-fire.

If players land their shot perfectly, they can easily punish players trying to shoot them from behind. You need to make sure to stay at a safe distance when using E-11.

Available at: 8
Credits Required: 1550

This Blaster works like a shotgun in other popular games and clearly outperforms other weapons at close-range, but not so much on medium-to-long-range. It should be considered as one of the situational Blasters.

Available at: 10
Credits Required: 2500

T-21 is a single-shot Blaster which has insanely long range and high damage output, but if you continue to pull the trigger, it will get overheated rather quickly.

Therefore, pause between consecutive shots and you will continue eliminating enemies. Since this is a single-shot Blaster, you need to make your every hit count and always aim for the head.

Available at: 14
Credits Required: 2500

This Blaster really shines when it comes to rate-of-fire and increased overheat threshold, but lags when it comes to overall damage output and effective range.

Since this is a burst-fire Blaster, you need to learn how to time your shots and take a moment between consecutive bursts — similar to T-21. Accurate players can instantly eliminate enemies with only a couple of bursts from SE-14C.

Available at: 17
Credits Required: 2500

This is another burst-fire Blaster, but with increased range and damage output than SE-14C. However, due to these increased attributes, the Blaster’s overheating threshold is fairly low.

Considering all this, players need to learn how to time their shots perfectly and always keep an eye on the overheat gauge. Once mastered these techniques, players running with EE-3 become the most lethal of the lot.

Available at: 21
Credits Required: 2500

T-21B is a target rifle which excels when it comes to effective range and overall damage output. It has a sluggish rate-of-fire and overheats really quickly.

Keeping all these things in mind, you should not consider bringing T-21B to close-quarter engagements and should only use it to provide fire support to your team from afar.

Available at: 25
Credits Required: 2500

The final Blaster of the game is DL-44 which is one of the best Blasters when it comes to overall damage output, but players should learn more about its effective range to avoid damage from being diminished.

In addition to this, the Blaster is single-shot which overheats after 5-6 continuous shots. Due to these things, it should be used at short-to-medium-range and players must learn to deliver their shots rather perfectly.

Playing Star Wars: Battlefront? Which of these Blasters are among your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below!

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