Star Wars: Battlefront Player Base Was Over 6.6 Million Between April and June

The Star Wars: Battlefront player base has been shown to have had over 6.6 million players between April and June, showing the game is still successful.

While many people look at EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront and see disappointment, the Star Wars: Battlefront player base has managed to prove them wrong. Between April and June the player base clocked in at over 6.6 million people between April and June of this year. Eleven and a half million players clocked in in total during the first quarter.

Star Wars: Battlefront was hotly anticipated when it was revealed at E3 2014, but unfortunately a variety of different revelations by EA, including that there were only four planets, no space battles, and microtransactions, caused the hype to die down somewhat. While the game was still a success, EA relied a great deal on various DLCs to fill in the gaps.

These DLCs have been moderately successful, with an Outer Rim DLC that added a few Tatooine maps, the Bespin map pack, and soon the Death Star map pack, which will add in two new planets to play in the game, along with a sort-of space battle option in the Death Star pack.

With so many players still playing the game EA can probably count the game as a success due to the Star Wars: Battlefront player base. However, these various criticisms (along with the revelation that the reason that Battlefront was missing so much content because EA wanted to rush it out to release alongside Star Wars: The Force Awakens) will hopefully make the next entry into the revamped Battlefront series much better, and add in everything the first game lacked.

As such, now the Star Wars: Battlefront player base has evolved their opinion of the game from “bad” to “good for at least a few hours but playing it non-stop it starts to grind”. While EA’s had no inkling of when a new version of the game will come out, they may already be working on it, and EA just has yet to announce it.

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