Star Citizen Dogfighting Module Revealed by Chris Roberts, Watch the Presentation

Cloud Imperium Games’ space trading and combat simulator has been the center of attention for millions who have backed the project as well as those who simply love space based games. One of the key features is Star Citizen Dogfighting Module which has finally been revealed by game’s creator Chris Roberts himself.

Star Citizen Dogfighting Module is the part of the game that deals with the ship combat portion where people go up against other players. So naturally, it is an important one. The reveal came through a presentation at PAX. You may see the recording of the presentation above.

It shows you how fluid the space combat looks at this point in development. You will also be able to see the ge-force effects soon and the pilot involving a blackout effect where the pilot fails to see anything.

The realism is so good that looking at the pilot and the ship from the outside, you can actually see the pilot’s weight being tilted to either sides after the ship takes a turn to the left or right, or when it accelerates and decelerates.

Everything looks pretty much close to reality from each small bit of the ship to the asteroids. I think the video above might just make you want to get into the Star Citizen Dogfighting Module right away.

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