Square Enix Isn’t Supporting NieR: Automata on PC Despite Close to 500K Units Sold

NieR: Automata sold close to 500K copies on Steam, according to tentative data we gathered from Steam Spy. While that is good news for Square Enix, the publisher is ignoring the PC community. There have been a number of reported issues with NieR: Automata but developers haven’t released a single update since launch.

It is hard to believe but it is true; Square Enix hasn’t released any updates or patches to improve the PC version of the game. Steam community is calling it NieR: Bugmata as a result. Square Enix is silent and there doesn’t seem to be any plans for updating the game at the moment.

Issues are consistent on Nvidia and AMD hardware but a recent update from AMD tried to deal with the white screen issue.

In most cases, the latest Radeon-Software-Crimson-ReLive-Edition-17.5.2 update should resolve an issue that some of you have been experiencing in NieR:Automata, where the screen can go blank or white, along with some other issues such as random hangs or game, crashes after short periods of gameplay. We encourage all AMD Radeon graphics card owners to update their drivers to the latest version (17.5.2 or later) to improve the NieR:Automata playing experience.

If you are a Windows 7 user, we are aware of an issue where NieR:Automata will not boot up if used in combination with a specific display type. If this happens, turning on “GPU scaling” in the Radeon Settings App may fix the issue.

It is clear that Square Enix doesn’t see Nier: Automata PC community viable enough. Let’s see if things change in the future. Why do you think Square Enix isn’t supporting NieR: Automata on PC? Let us know in the comments below.

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