New Final Fantasy XV Details Shared; Game Flow, Combat System and More

Final Fantasy XV has been in development for quite some time, and fans are getting excited as the release date for the game. Now Square Enix has released a ton of details about Final Fantasy XV battle system, game flow and more.

The first screenshots details large beings known as “Astrals”, which are very useful in combat. As you demonstrate them your strength, these beings will lend their power to you so that you can use it in battles.


The titan lives peacefully in the world of Final Fantasy XV, but Niflheim is plotting to kill the creature with their military might. Our hero and crew will try to stop the army, and if they exhibit their strength they will be able to borrow its power.


Square Enix has also released a series of screenshots detailing how the game flow works, like taking a quest, level up ans more.

According to Square Enix following the main story is good, but there are a lot of quests that exist outside of the main story. So take a quest from the story, complete the quests and rather going further ahead into the story, Square Enix suggests to players a detour and explore other side quests in the world of Final Fantasy XV.


After gaining XP from the quests, make a camp at night and level up, moreover, players will get additional bonuses by eating a specific food, so make sure your stomach is full while you are on a quest. Square Enix has detailed that there a lot of means of transport in Final Fantasy XV. Players can travel by foot, car, chocobo, boats and more.


Square Enix has detailed that in Final Fantasy XV, the Lucis family has a special ability called “Shift”. This ability allows them to move from one place to another by warping. This ability can be freely utilized in combat, however, it will consume MP.


During the combat players will be able to Map Shift, which is essentially a skill which lets you throw your weapon and quickly shift to the place where it lands. This ability can be triggered with a pres of a button, and can be used to take cover in high places or restore you HP when outnumbered. Map Shift can also be used to attack enemies that you are locked on to.


The combat of Final Fantasy XV is not that complicated, players can automatically attack by pressing the button and then hold it. The battle will unfold as players switch weapons in during the combat. Player can set a variety of weapons in advance, which players will be able to switch to while fighting.


There is a huge variety of weapons in Final Fantasy XV, which players can switch instantly based of the enemies and situation. Still there are many weapons that have not been revealed.

The One handed sword allows players to continuously attack the enemy, it is very easy to use and is designed for maneuverability.


Next up is the great sword, this weapon is very heavy and the movement is slow due to the size of the weapon.However, the great sword can destroy multiple  enemies with just one blow.


The other weapon types include Daggers, which an be equipped in both hands for a quick attack and also allows fast movement, Spear, Shield, Magic and Phantom Sword/Shuriken.


Final Fantasy XV also features defensive skills like Guard, by holding the guard button the character will automatically enter the guard mode. However, player will still receive damage against a powerful Attack.


When progressing players will be able to acquire Evade ability, which lets players evade attacks when in Guard Mode. However, this will consume MP, but if players time it correctly, Evade will not consume any MP.


If players perform a successful guard against an attack, a pop will appear on the screen to indicate you to Parry. By successfully triggering Parry, players can perform a powerful counter attack and deal great damage.


Another ability that players will be able to use once they successfully Parry is, Link Attack. There are different conditions to trigger a Link Attack.


When players attack an enemy from behind, which deals 1.5 x more damage than the normal attack, players can trigger the “Back Attack Link” which involves you allies to deal greater damage.


Final Fantasy XV Will release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 30, 2016.

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