How to Fix Splinter Cell: Conviction Errors, Crashes, Install Problems, Freezes

Here we are again, another big game messed up with pretty much every type of issue that you can possibly imagine. Splinter Cell series makes its come back with Splinter Cell:Convicion, in which Sam Fisher continues his journey to solve conspiracies surrounding him.

You may not be able to enjoy the game to the fullest due to so many problems, errors, freezes that may or may not result after installing the game.

If you are one the unlucky chaps that happen to experience any of the below mentioned errors, freezes, install problems or any other issues that makes the game unable to run smoother. You can follow our compiled Splinter Cell:Conviction fix guide to resolve these issues.

Before You Begin
-Before we go about resolving every issue regarding Splinter Cell:Conviction specifically, it is advised that you update your graphic card drivers to latest.
-Also make sure your PC exceeds the game’s minimum system requirements.
-A permanent internet connection and a Ubisoft account is required for you to play this game.

Splinter Cell:Convicion Errors,Crashes,Install Problems, Freezes, and Fixes

Problem 1| Splinter Cell:Conviction System Encounters System Validation Error

1. Rename systemdetection.dll to systemdetectionbackup.dll, it will cause an error that it didn’t find the file but the game launcher will still work and launch the game. It basically checks if your system has the capability to run the game so no harm done to game content by doing so. You can find this file here:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\tom clancy’s splinter cell conviction\src\system

2. Try launching the uplayerbrowser.exe, if the login screen comes you are good, the game will run.

Problem 2| Splinter Cell:Conviction Consistent Game Crashing and Graphics Glitches

1. Update your graphics card drivers before you play the game. If you are on ATI card, give this hotfix a try.

2. If above doesn’t work, for ATI users, roll back to ATI drivers 8.10, most users have not experienced these issues after rolling back the drivers. nVidia guys are good, no issues reported as of such.

Problem 3| Splinter Cell:Conviction Crashes to Desktop, Random Freezes, Locks Up

Most these issues arise when you are playing the game on your laptop, and as far as game’s compatibility is concerned with the laptops, Ubisoft doesn’t guarantee anything, it can work if you are lucky or it may not as it is not supported.

Problem 4| Splinter Cell:Conviction Wired Controller Problem, Wrong Button Mapping

1. Download Xinput drivers to fix this issue with the wired controllers, again its your luck, few people have reported the same issue even after installing Xinput drivers.

Problem 5| Splinter Cell:Conviction Low Frame Rates

Again this issue has been reported largely by ATI users, you can fix this issue by downloading ATI Cataylst 10.4a drivers.

Problem 6|Splinter Cell:Conviction Graphics, Flickering, Stretching Textures, Low Resolution

1. This again has happened to an ATI user, who resolved it with a work around.  ATI Radeon 4850 was the graphic card, anyway the short workaround is, in case you face this issue.
Uninstall control center and auto update the graphics drivers using the Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager, then under “Display Adapters” select your video card and click the “Update Driver Software” button.

Problem 7| Internet Ports Need to be Open to Play Splinter Cell: Conviction

Update your router’s firmware and port forward these ports.

9103, 9100, 10196 (UDP outbound/inbound)
80, 3081, 3105   (TCP outbound)
22350 – 22380 (TCP inbound)

Problem 8| Ubisoft Game Launcher Error, Error Code 1

Go to run and type “regedit”. Once inside find


Scroll down until you find this key:


Delete this registry key to manually uninstall something that was somehow deleted without being deleted from the registry key.
Now download Ubisoft Game Launcher directly through the link, and reinstall the game launcher.
If you get “System Validation” error, which crashes the exe, go to:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\tom clancy’s splinter cell conviction\src\system

Now delete or rename “systemvalidation.dll” file. As I have explained earlier it just checks if you system is capable of running the game so deleting or renaming this file won’t harm the game content.
When you have deleted/renamed this file, an error will appear “File Not Found” click OK and login screen will appear, login to play the game.
If you start the game and it is frozen on the “Establishing Connection” then you just to cancel and retry as it is server bandwidth issue, you can’t do anything about it.

Problem 9| Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 Crashes, Errors, Freezes

You will have to clear your system cache to enjoy crash/freeze free game experience.
Steps to clear the system cache
1. Load to the Xbox 360 dashboard
2. Choose “System Settings”
3. Choose “Memory”
4. Highlight your hard drive
5. Press “y” for device options
6. from here just choose to clear system cache

Ubisoft has officially released an update which fixes this issue, so update your game and you will have no such issue.

Problem 10
| Obtain Content of Splinter Cell: Conviction USB Drive

If you are facing any problems regarding the content of the USB that came with Splinter Cell: Conviction, you can download the content from here.

If you face any other issue and have some how find a work around to make it work, sharing it will help others.

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