Splatoon Octobot King Boss Guide – Tips and Strategy

After the final showdown commences, the DJ Octavio will fire a couple of Octorpedos in your direction.

Splatoon Octobot King Boss Tips and Strategy

It’s recommended to shoot them in the air to spread friendly ink on the platform. After this, the boss will smash its vehicle’s fists into you (the right-hand first and the left-hand after it).

You need to continuously hit the fists in order to send them back to the boss and knock it down. If vehicle’s fists hit you, you’ll get splattered and respawn on the nearest checkpoint – don’t get hit!

Tip: If Octorpedos manage to hit the ground, they spread purple ink, but if you destroy them in the air, they spread friendly ink.

After you manage to knock him back, follow him to the platform and it’ll welcome you with an Octomissile. Similar to vehicle’s fists, you need to continuously shoot at the missile to send it back to the attacker.

This time, DJ Octavio will use its fists to toss the missile at your once again. Therefore, you need to constantly send the missile back at the boss until it’s knocked down. Use the Launchpad to pursue the boss!


Once you arrive at the Propeller Lift, don’t use it and wait for DJ Octavio to use its Killer Wail (the large purple beam) attack. Once you’ve successfully evaded the Killer Wail, use the Propeller Lift to evade Octorpedos and keep shooting at its fists to knock it down.

You can also break the wooden crates nearby to acquire some more armour.

Keep on evading the boss’s attacks and use another Propeller Lift to pursue it. After using the Propeller Lift to confront the boss, it will use Killer Wail, Octorpedos, and Octomissiles at the same time.

At this point, you need to evade Octorpedos and Killer Wails while sending back Octomissile at the same time. Don’t keep your focus only on one thing or you’ll get splattered. As soon as you see it retreating, use the Launchpad to purse it even further.

After a little while, the boss will start firing red balls at you which contain either an Octobomber or an Octocopter. It’s best to destroy the red balls while they’re airborne to prevent an already difficult boss fight from getting even more difficult.

As for the sponges on the platform, I recommend crossing them only after you’ve knocked back the boss so as to avoid any enemy ink from getting them shrunk while you’re on them.

Once you arrive at the section with Balloon Fish, use them to your advantage. The Balloon Fish not only spreads friendly ink and expands sponges in the area, but also destroy all enemy attacks – provided that you time it right!

Use Balloon Fish to knock down the boss and use Launchpad to pursue it. During the next section, in order to reveal the invisible path, you need to spread your ink on it.

Destroy the red balls and use Gushers to move up until you see Agent-1 and Agent-2 appearing in the air and freeing Cap’n Cuttlefish. For the final phase of the battle, stay in the center of the walkway and move only a little to avoid the Killer Wail attack.

I also recommend activating Bubbler Special during the final phase of the battle.

In its desperate attempt, DJ Octavio will send a last Octomissile directed at you which you need to reflect back at it while evading Killer Wail and Octorpedos attacks to score victory in this lengthy boss battle.

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