Splatoon 3 Weapons Tier List: Best Weapons In Game

The whole system of winning in Splatoon 3 revolves around inking or spreading as much ink as possible on the battlefield. Ink is spread via the 53 main weapons in the game, belonging to different classes. These weapons in Splatoon 3 like brushes and rollers are used to spread ink just like in the actual world they spread the paint.

If you are unsure of which weapons will be ideal for you before hopping in a multiplayer match in Splatoon 3, we have prepared a list of the 10 best weapons in the game.

Best weapons in Splatoon 3

Below are our top ten picks for the best weapons in Splatoon 3.

1. Splat Roller

We’re starting our list strong with one of the most famous and effective weapons in the game, the Splat Roller. If you want to mark your territory and want to color the town in your ink color, this bad boy does the job effectively for you.

This melee weapon ensures you leave a wide trail of ink behind you, and any enemies who come into direct contact with the roller while it is being pushed get splatted.

If you’re just starting out in the game, we recommend you use this weapon to efficiently get a hand in a difficult situation.


2. Splash-o-Matic

Many players have a hard time playing combat in a distance when proceeding in Splatoon due low range weapons, but Splash-o-Matic is different. It is one of the few weapons that provide you with great range and makes sure it suits your playstyle well.

With a high fire rate, high ink coverage, and burst bomb, you can change the momentum of the battlefield at any given moment.

3. Reef Lux 450

Next on the list, we have Reef Lux. This is yet again one of the best weapons in the game however requires a lot of practice and having a  perfect target.

You will need to focus a lot when you want to Splat enemies; however, once you do so, you’ll see a massive difference in the field.

Nevertheless, it is ideal for providing a lot of damage and making it hard for opponents to cope and strategize against you once dealing damage.

In addition, if you find it hard to Splat with Reef Lux, you can always incline towards inking and get the job done.

4. Dark Tetra Dualies

Most players tend to see the weapon’s stats and assume they are ineffective and won’t be high performing on the field, but hear us out. Dark Tetra Dualies might be one of the killer weapons, regardless of what its stats say.

Not only does it allow players to use four rolls in quick succession, but it also gives insane mobility, which we know is great for confusing the enemies and making it hard for them to keep track of you. You can also retreat and reload without the disruption of ground ink.

5. Sloshing Machine

Now, although Sloashing Machine falls into the category of weapons that require learning and mastering, it’s still one the best weapons you should consider equipping yourself with.

This is because it grants you with great high power ceiling that, when executed with great precision on the enemies, will continuously splat on them. It also has a wide radius too, but you must be careful with its timing because of its low fire rate.

6. Hero Shot Replica

Players will be able to get their hands on this weapon once they have successfully completed the Hero Mode and get this as a reward. If we really have to look into this weapon critically, there’s really nothing much we can nitpick about.

It’s mostly great, apart from the fact that it does not cover the long-range aspect, but that can be easily sorted out if you pair this bad boy with suction bombs.

This perfect all-rounder weapon ensures you perform well in medium to close-range ranged combats. With excellent shot delivery, you are capable of absolutely puzzling and devastating enemies.

7. 52 Gal

Be not afraid of its low fire rate, because, when used right, this weapon can crowd control in the least ways you expect. With just two direct hits, you’ll be able to clear out enemies that are exhausting you.

Its special Killer Wail 5.1 will have six speakers produced that will run after the enemies and make sure they spalt them. This will flip the battle entirely, giving you an upper hand.

8. N-Zap ’85

Been a community favorite from the start, N-Zap ’85 is the ideal weapon due to its great firepower and fire range, and it has some of the best specials and subs.

Just as perfect as before, N-Zap ’85 has not failed to deliver its remarkable performance and is continuing the legacy of being one of the top-rated weapons in the game series with the recent installment too.

9. Splattershot

If you want to excel in the game without investing too much time into learning a weapon and its techniques, Splattershot is the one for you.

It has great stats and is one of the basic weapons. Moreover, as you progress in the game, you get better use out of it; hence there’s no need to give it up too soon.

It is effective and noob friendly, and with the pairing of Trizooka special, this can deliver pressure and one-shots on enemies efficiently.

10. Sloshing Machine

Last but not least, we have Sloshing Machine. It is a high-range and high-radius weapon that falls into a play-type-specific weapon category. If it floats your boat, it is a killer.

With its ammo, you can produce great damage quickly, and with wide radius specifications,  you’re also granted a long trail, making it a sweet deal.

It also has a high range, which makes up for the low fire rate, and retains its damage well, ensuring you’re a fierce beast on the field

Best Weapons for Each Game Mode

Splat Zones

In Splat Zone battles, you want to use weapons that provide you with more ink coverage and help you pick other players. If you want some excellent offensive action, anything with Crab Tank specials or Reefslider will do the job.

The N-Zap, Sploosh-O-Matric, Splattershot, and Aerospray are excellent picks for Splat Zones. The Rollers and Buckets will widen your coverage and help you take opponents swiftly.

Additionally, you can also go for The Big Bubbler special, as it protects the area while in the zones.

Tower Control

You need weapons that provide damage and coverage. Your main aim is to protect the tower at all costs by eliminating them or covering the surrounding area. This will help you stop the push of the enemies.

You should go for N-Zap, Dualies, Rollers, or Bloblobbers. Also, try to equip yourself with a bomb sub-weapon, and pick some form of damaging special. This will ensure that enemies face severe trouble getting close to your tower.


Your job in this game mode is to get the rainmaker or assist your allies in carrying it till the end. It means the main focus of this game mode is on the damage, and you do not want anyone to come between your goals and want to reach the end of the objective.

We will only go for severe damage-dealing weapons such as Ink Vac, Inkstorm, Trizooka, and Tenta Missiles. Our primary focus is getting things like blasters, chargers, rollers, or anything with a bomb sub. Also, it would be perfect to go with hefty damage specials.

Clam Blitz

Here you just want power and speed, and you want to protect your hoard of clams and bring down the goal’s defense.

The perfect weapons for such scenarios are, N-Zaps, Dualies, Octobrushes, and Ink. They are enough to fulfill your goal and win games in Clam Blitz mode.

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