Splatoon 3 Weapon Tier List

In Splatoon 3, players in a team need to spread the ink. Whichever team spreads the most ink will win the game. The players in the game can choose between either “Inkling” or an “Octoling”. The ink in Splatoon 3 is spread with the help of various weapons in the game. These weapons are more or less like real-world weapons.

Splatoon 3 is the third game in the Splatoon series, which is Nintendo’s answer to the third-person shooter. The series made its start on the Wii U in 2015 and is unique in that the objective isn’t to splat the enemy team but to spread your team’s ink across the map. Whoever spreads the most ink is the winning team!

In Splatoon 3, players can play as either an Inkling or an Octoling, who are part kid, part cephalopod. Ink is spread via various weapons that resemble real-world items. These real-world items are brush buckets which are in-game used to spread ink just like in the actual world they spread the paint.

This Splatoon 3 guide, will brief players about all the weapons that are used in the game.

Best weapons in Splatoon 3

Among 53 weapons, a new player can often get confused about which weapons he should opt for and why. Each weapon has its characteristics that are different from others. Although it depends on the player on will, and how he wants to progress through the game, this guide will still help you in sorting things out as it will enlist weapons and their uses:

S Tier

The weapons of the S tier are those that are available to all players throughout the whole game. When someone in the team needs help, the weapons are in charge of providing coverage for the entire team.

 52 Gal

The.52 Gal is a devastating weapon that strongly warrants its placement in the S tier. It possesses substantial damage and range.

Two-Tone Squelchers

The Dualie Squelchers demonstrate low damage and high splatting potential in the hands of just about anyone.

N-Zap ’85

In Splatoon 3, the N-Zap ’85 is also a useful tool. It fires at a very rapid pace.

Sloshing Device

When you lay the Sloshing Machine on an adversary, it severely damages them. It fires a little more slowly, but nothing alarmingly.

Splattershot Jr

Due to its wide ink dispersion, the Splattershot Jr. is ideal for quickly painting large areas with ink.

A tier

The weapons which are ideal for ink splattering belong to this tier. These weapons are renowned for their extraordinary power.

Dapple Dualies

The Dapple Dualies are decent options, much like the other dual weapons, although they have a wider spread and less power than the others.

MG Aerospray

Although it has a short range, the Aerospray MG fires quite swiftly.

If you are playing in a Splat zone, it is not advised to use this weapon in rated bouts due to its poor damage.

Dynamic Wheeler

Similar to the Splat Roller, the Dynamo Roller has tremendous potential for damage and coverage, but the drawback is that it is slower overall.

Dualies Splat

The Splat Dualies features two sources of fire and a respectable rate of fire. Regardless of the mode, you are playing in, it is generally rather competent and will complete the task.

B tier

B-tier weapons can likewise efficiently splat ink, though each in their unique way. They provide adequate coverage and functionality throughout the entire game as well.


The Inkbrush is one of the fastest weapons in the game but has a limited range and damage. Although it won’t cover much distance, you can paint the ground as you go quickly through the region.

Aerosol Squelcher

Despite the Jet Squelcher’s high potential for damage, it might be challenging to strike your targets. Although it’s not horrible, you risk missing your opportunity to score.

e-liter 4K

The E-liter 4K’s basic components are an extended metallic nozzle with a plastic connector, a black sight that serves as the barrel, and a metallic ink canister on the back.

Mini Splatting

Comparatively speaking to other weapons in its class, the Mini Splatling has a quicker charge-up time. Otherwise, it remains unchanged.


The Octobrush has a huge spread and may quickly cover a lot of terrain in front of you.

The Brella Tent

The Tenta Brella can shield you from approaching harm and has a respectable amount of power. Although its range will leave you wanting, if you fire it forward, it can cover a large area with a sustained charge and provide moving cover.


The Splattershot is pretty much the only default weapon in Splatoon 3. Almost every aspect of the game is fairly good.

C tier

The coverage capabilities and team dependability of C-tier weapons are average.

Luna Blaster

The Luna Blaster fires a round that explodes, allowing it to eliminate adversaries that are hidden behind walls or behind corners.

Jet Squelcher

The Jet Squelcher can snipe, although it does so with middling damage and fire rate.

96 Gal

The.96 Gal resembles the.52 Gal in appearance but has a bigger nozzle. The weapon’s typical range and substantial damage offset its slow rate of fire and sluggish mobility.

H-3 Nozzlenose

The letter H is used to signify weight. You can target adversaries with the Echolocator to make every shot count.

D tier

Only a specific type of team is allowed to use D-Tier Splatoon 3 Weapons. If you include them in your Splatoon 3 squad, it will put you at a disadvantage.

Clash Blaster

The Clash Blaster has a short range and fires at a high rate of speed; it takes two direct hits to knock out an opponent.

The Clash Blaster increases coverage, mobility, and damage output because it fires more swiftly than other blasters, which require a direct hit for quick splats.


When the ink torpedoes fired by the Explosher make contact with an Inkling or any surface, they explode.

Hydra Splatling

The Hydra Splatling has a long charging time, a long fire time, and a long range.

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