What Are Golden Eggs In Splatoon 3?

Golden Eggs are entirely different collectibles in Salmon Run mode in Splatoon 3. They are an exclusive version of Power Eggs. Read on to know what Golden eggs are used for and how to get them.

What are golden eggs in Splatoon 3

When you are playing Splatoon 3, you will see a lot of orange collectibles after the boss fight that looks like eggs. Golden eggs are a more advanced form of these collectible power eggs with visible Salmonid embryo skeleton inside.

In Splatoon 3, you will face multiple Salmonids bosses when doing missions such as Salmon Run. These Salmonids bosses will drop Golden Eggs when you splat them. The term Splat means when the health bar of Salmonids boss drops to zero.

As said earlier, there are multiple Salmonids bosses in Splatoon 3. Each Salmonids boss will drop a different number of Golden Eggs when splatted. Usually, simple Salmonids bosses will drop 3 Golden Eggs.

In Splatoon 3, certain Salmonids bosses will drop more or less than 3 Golden Eggs. The detail of the bosses is given below:

  • Goldie Salmonids’ boss will drop one Golden Egg during the fight after 1 hit. Then drop 3 Golden Eggs when splatted at the end of the fight.
  • Goldie Salmonids’ boss will also drop either one, five, or ten Golden Eggs when there is fog on the horizon.
  • Mothership Salmonids’ boss will drop only 1 at a time when your shoot and explode the Chinooks. This boss cannot be splatted.
  • Griller Salmonids’ boss will drop 5 Golden Eggs when you splat them.

What are golden eggs used for

The objective of a mission in Salmon Run is to deposit the Golden eggs in the Egg’s Basket. In Splatoon 3, different missions will have a different quota of putting the Golden Eggs in the Eggs Basket.

If we talk about Salmon Run, there are a total of three waves with a maximum egg quota of 21, 23, and 25.

So enough Golden Eggs must be acquired to clear the missions and game. In each wave of the mission, first, you must splat the boss.

Then pick the Golden Egg by running into it. After you have collected the egg, you must put the egg in the Egg Basket. You can either put the egg in the Egg Basket by going in front of it.

How to throw golden egg into the basket

In Splatoon 3, the biggest upgrade is the ability to throw the Golden Eggs which was not possible in previous games in the series.

Once you have the right aim, you can release it by pressing the “A” button in the console. Throwing the Golden Egg will require ink in the inventory as fuel for the cannon.

The biggest advantage of throwing the egg is time saving when working with other team members.

You will then not have to change your position if you are not in the range of Egg Basket. Just simply throw it at another team member which is close to the Egg Basket.

As soon as you complete the required egg quota for the mission, you will complete the wave and ultimately the whole mission.

The other thing that you need to look for is Snatchers. They will snatch your Golden eggs if not picked by you within a certain time. You however can recover the Golden Eggs from Snatcher by splattering him.

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