Splatoon 3 Character Customization Tips

Splatoon 3 amps up every feature from its previous installments to the next level, especially customization. Considering the numerous character customization options in the game, we have created the following guide for the best Splatoon 3 Character Customization Tips to help new and returning players of the series.

Character Customization Tips for Splatoon 3

Consider the following tips when building your character in Splatoon 3:

Switching through Inkling and Octoling

Splatoon 3 gives players the choice between choosing an Inkling or Octoling character, while there isn’t much difference in gameplay experience for choosing either, both offer unique personality types.

The first thing to note is that you’ll be taken to the home intro scene once the option for changing appearance is chosen.

Secondly, you must follow the following steps to change your character type.

Hit the + button to navigate to the gear menu and then select options using either L or R. Now select Others, scroll over to Player Setting, and look for the Choose your Player option. Now the option to use either Octoling or Inkling is available.

Once the character type is chosen, it’s time to move towards more customization features, these include:

Hairstyle customization

Choosing unique haircuts can help your character stand out from the bunch. One thing to note here is that Inkling and Octoling character types have unique haircut options, exclusive to each of them so feel free to check out both and select the best haircut for your character.

Eye customization

An option available to players to modify both eye color and eyebrow shape. Customize your character’s eyes the way you want.

Skin tone customization

Players also have the option to choose the most appropriate skin tone for the character they want to create. Toggle through skin tones and select the one that suits your character.

Changing clothes

Your Character’s entire appearance can be altered by selecting the right attire. The thing to note here is that you can constantly switch out your clothes with new ones you purchase.

To acquire clothing items players are required to first attain level 4 experience and compete in the Turf Wars game mode to gain a higher rank.

Access to three different shops including The Man-o’-Wardrobe for clothes, The Naut Couture for gear, and The Crush Station for shoes is gained, after reaching level 4.

Purchase for clothing items can be carried out using the money gained through competing in different game modes.

Customizing Smallfry

Players of Splatoon 3 get to know Smallfry as an early-game sidekick tagging along. Players wonder whether customization options for the chicken-like character are available in-game.

The game offers limited cosmetic features for Smallfry, however, Hair customization for the sidekick is available.

Smallfry can be given either of the Bun, Pineapple, Classic, Swept, Pompadour, Mohawk, and Spiky Hairstyles.

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